White Label MetaTrader vs. Server License: Pros and Cons

Many entrepreneurs in the Forex industry want to minimize their firm start-up expenses when launching a new venture. Due to the competitive nature of the currency trading market, not everyone who tries succeeds. This is the first and most important reason for this. In this post, we’ll talk about techniques to save money while starting a Forex brokerage firm.

Because most transactions take place online, FOREX is now a high-tech sector. In other words, when thinking about starting your own brokerage, you should factor in the absolute requirement of building your own technical infrastructure. This is critical if your goal is long-term growth and you want to provide your customers trading solutions of the highest quality.

Obtaining an entire MT4 server license may be an impossibility for new forex brokers and current white label partners. The costs of purchasing an MT4 server license must be carefully considered. Brokers weighing the benefits of a white label license vs. a full MT4 license will find these three suggestions useful in making their choice.

A comparison of the costs between MT4/5 White Label and server license

Like many other business decisions, selecting a better solution should be based on the lowest possible cost. In this case, the decision should be clear since the two options are comparable. Choose between “white label” and an “MT license,” for example. The white label solution, on the other hand, is less time-consuming since the complete MT server license is more expensive.

As an example, imagine you’re opening your own Forex brokerage firm. Since you need to know all of the expenditures related to beginning a brokerage company, we encourage you to create a complete business budget before getting started. In this case, MT’s white label solution is a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing an unlimited server license.

White Label Forex solution or your own MT4 server license?

Each Forex brand merchant will have its own unique collection of symbologies, transactions, groupings, and typographic components. Renting a white label is like renting an apartment in a huge complex: you pay a specific price to be in a given location, and you get what you pay for.

This is not an option for every start-up firm, especially because there are many methods that may optimize this spending, freeing up and directing funds to other areas.

Another option is to use White Label applications, which reduce infrastructure expenses while providing all of the functionality needed for productive work. In a nutshell, the goal of White Label is to provide a client firm with everything it needs to be successful on the market under its own brand.

Since there are no major infrastructural expenditures required, starting up a new business might profit significantly by employing White Label. In most cases, the broker merely pays a little fee to the service provider based on trade volume indications (the more – the cheaper).

Choosing a White Label supplier is all about finding a company that offers high-quality equipment at a reasonable price. There are WL programs offered by almost all large brokerage firms, but they tend to be subpar in terms of solution quality, and the customer business is frequently completely beholden to the WL provider company in all respects.

White Label MetaTrader solution

We’ve learned through experience that there are a plethora of different kinds of Forex brokers in every shape and size. We deal with a wide variety of money managers, ranging from small, family-owned firms to large, worldwide brokerage firms with locations in the world’s major financial centres. In the middle are Forex brokers who want to focus their efforts on a single place or who want to completely expand their operations after starting their company with friends and family.

B2Broker’s White Label MetaTrader online trading platform lets you acquire a solution that’s tailored to your company’s needs and trading circumstances.