BitMEX Hires Michele Bertacco As CMO to Promote New Business Segments

BitMEX has appointed Michele Bertacco as Chief Marketing Officer, reporting to CEO Alexander Höptner.

The cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is pursuing its Beyond Derivatives strategy. Michele Bertacco will take a lead role in developing and executing that theme with his marketing and communications team.

BitMEX has recently announced new business segments as a way to diversify the company and expand its footprint across the world: Spot, Brokerage, Custody, Information Products, and Academy.

BitMEX is building out the diversity of products on the derivatives side, with its derivatives offering remaining at the heart of the business, but Spot trading will be added as a new segment with the launch of full-service spot capabilities globally to provide users with a way to buy and sell crypto assets.

The cryptocurrency exchange will also establish a licensed brokerage to offer end-to-end principal, agency, and OTC trading services to clients, as well as a fully licensed and proprietary asset custody solution, information products, and an education service.

The global marketeer is said to have an innovative approach, with prior professional experience at Haier, where he was Brand Director EMEA and Russia and helped the brand reinvent itself and successfully reach a premium position in the region.

Experienced in marketing, communications, and brand development, he also has a solid financial background, which will come in handy at a cryptocurrency exchange.

Michele Bertacco will be in charge of BitMEX’s marketing function, which includes customer acquisition, brand and communication, user experience, and customer engagement spheres.

Michele Bertacco, Chief Marketing Officer at BitMEX, said: “Crypto is about innovation and inclusivity – this is why an iconic brand like BitMEX is a special opportunity to lend my support. As our product offering dramatically expands – especially for retail users – in the short term, our talented team will adopt an approach that will make BitMEX a preferred choice amongst crypto traders”.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX, commented: “This is a time of incredible growth and evolution for BitMEX, and we are expanding a marketing team that is built to compete and win in the ever-changing crypto market. Marketing success in our industry requires creativity, bravery, and authenticity in equal measures and we’re delighted to have found an inspiring and experienced leader in Michele who will help us do all these things as we connect with and grow our user”.

Part of his job will be managing BitMEX’s sponsorships and his past experience included partnering with high profile football clubs in Europe, including AC Milan – the company’s principal partnership.

BitMEX offers leveraged trading via Perpetual and Futures Contracts with an aim to professionalize the trading of cryptocurrency derivatives.

Users can trade and hedge cryptocurrency risk with solid access to liquidity at BitMEX, one of the world’s largest exchanges within the crypto ecosystem.