DV Chain

Copper.co Integrates DV Chain’s OTC Liquidity

OTC LiquidityCopper.co, a London-based institutional custody and prime brokerage firm, has integrated with OTC liquidity provider DV Chain to provide its institutional clients with secure access to DV Chain’s liquidity through its prime brokerage platform.

Covering 96% of global crypto liquidity and seeing over £500 million in transactions each month, Copper’s Walled Garden and prime brokerage infrastructure is one of the few digital asset custody solutions to be insured against crime, including theft of fiat or digital assets. Trade finance blockchain solution, XinFin, has recently partnered with Copper for an institutional custody solution.

Dmitry Tokarev, CEO and Founder of Copper.co, commented: “DV Chain is a fine example of a liquidity provider that truly wishes to provide the best for its institutional clients. Copper is proud to help them in this endeavor. Our prime brokerage infrastructure brings the efficacy of traditional trading into the digital asset space, and allows investors and traders to have complete security whilst being able to implement a variety of investment strategies.”

Garrett See, CEO and Co-Founder of DV Chain, said: “The team at Copper has built an industry-leading platform that enables institutions to transact cryptocurrencies in a secure and seamless manner. DV Chain is proud to be partnering with Copper to allow Copper’s clients to tap into our world-class liquidity.

DV Chain offers a fully integrated market-making service for institutional clients and exchanges. The firm is an affiliate of Chicago based proprietary trading organization, DV Trading, and Canadian Digital asset leader, DVeX.

In December 2019, QuantHouse added historical crypto data from DV’s trading exchange, DVeX. The venue is owned and operated by DV Chain, part of the DV Trading group of companies. As a liquidity provider and active market maker across a wide range of asset classes including cryptocurrencies, DV Trading used DV Chain to launch its own electronic OTC marketplace for all major cash cryptocurrency pairs, DVeX.