QuantHouse Welcomes Historical Crypto Data from DV Trading’s Exchange

QuantHouse - Crypto DataQuantHouse welcomes historical crypto data from DV trading’s exchange. The global provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions including innovative market data services, algo trading platform, and infrastructure products has opened its doors to real-time and historical data for cash cryptocurrency pairs through its single API via DVeX – an electronic digital asset exchange owned and operated by DV Chain, part of the DV Trading group of companies.

As a liquidity provider and active market maker across a wide range of asset classes including cryptocurrencies, DV Trading used DV Chain to launch its own electronic OTC marketplace for all major cash cryptocurrency pairs, DVeX.

QuantHouse is now allowing clients to access market data from DVeX via the single QuantFEED API, which provides a unified format for real-time data from 150 multi-asset sources. Historical data recorded in parallel at the FeedHandler level can be made available via the QuantHouse private cloud. In addition, clients who actively trade on DVeX can leverage QuantHouse’s QuantLINK global network connectivity to route orders back to the exchange via DVeX’s proprietary FIX API.

Salloum Abousaleh, Managing Director, Americas, QuantHouse, said: “QuantHouse is committed to streamlining workflow for global buy-side firms by providing single API access to all major financial markets, independent of asset class. DV Chain is leveraging our publication technology stack to publish their data to QuantHouse’s global distribution network, making it available to consumers anywhere in the world. We have been working with DV Trading for several years and are excited to expand our longstanding partnership with DV Group beyond providing inbound market data, hosting and network infrastructure, allowing our client and partner community to consume DVeX cryptocurrency data with minimal integration effort via the QH API.”

Dino Verbrugge, Founder, DV Group and DV Chain, commented: “DV is extremely excited to leverage the Quanthouse platform to deliver reliable, actionable cryptocurrency prices to institutional clients in a format that is easy to integrate into their existing trading infrastructure. With this partnership, clients can simply add DVeX as another venue, using the Quanthouse normalized API, just as they would for any traditional exchange or marketplace, and either use the cryptocurrency quotes for research and analytics or set up a trading account directly with DVeX and trade.”

DVeX was created by the founders of DV Trading to deliver a world-class institutional crypto trading platform. DVeX addresses the demands of professional traders by leveraging decades of experience as market makers and liquidity providers on traditional exchanges. DVeX Ltd is a member of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).