X Open Hub Ties Up With Tech Firm To Improve Trading Repertoire

X Open HubThe liquidity provider, who also has a brokerage arm, X Open Hub, has tied up with the software firm OTSO Fintech Consultant company for improving their suite of trading software. OTSO Fintech is a Hong Kong based company that specialises in producing trading software and also software that helps its retail and business clients to grow their trading skills and offerings.

X Open Hub is one of the larger liquidity providers and in what in proving to be a strong and difficult market to break through, the company would hope that such tie ups would help to strengthen its standing in the market and with such increased offerings, it would be in a position to attract a lot of clients.

OTSO Fintech ConsultantOTSO primarily serves the B2B segment with their offerings that include MT4 white label implementation and a variety of CRM and other business development and maintenance software and it would be a good match with the liquidity provider business of X Open Hub and the companies would hope that such a partnership would enable them to focus on bringing better service, higher speeds and better execution for the end clients which should ultimately benefit the business and the retail client as well.

X Open Hub is also one of the few liquidity providers that offer cryptocurrency instruments as well and this shows that the company is nimble enough to understand the changes and the demand that is seen in the market and the management is also willing to change direction in a way that the market drives it to. They embraced the cryptocurrencies towards the end of last year and have been adding to their offerings over the last few months. Their CEO had promised that they would be willing to consider changes in their list of instruments and also watch closely on how the market develops in the future.