Stable Trading Volumes across Exchange and Brokerages in August 2018

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Stable Trading Volumes across Exchange and Brokerages in the Month of August 2018

September 3, 2018

Cboe Fx After the slow start of the second half of 2018, exchanges and brokerages around the world in the month of August 2018 have reported some mixed performances with a slight recovery in volumes. Despite the seasonal decline, the performance in the market is stable aided by volatility that is backed by the Turkish crisis.

Cboe FX (Hotspot)

Formerly known as Hotspot FX, the data from the exchange revealed total trading volumes of $802 billion, showing an increase of 10 per cent when compared to the previous month. The institutional Forex ECN Cboe FX Markets witnessed 5 per cent growth in average daily volumes in August, coming in at $34.9 billion compared to $33.2 billion in July month.

Product-wise, most actively traded pair is EUR/USD at 25.3 per cent of the total trading volume, USD/JPY is at second with 14 per cent trading volume, AUD/USD at 9.2 per cent, GBP/USD at 8.6 per cent, and USDCAD at 6.5 per cent of the total trading volume.

Despite slight growth in volumes, the August figures are nowhere close to the year’s high point and also July month till now is the slowest in 2018.


The trading volume at the leading trading venue for the month of August is more or less flat compared to July. The total trading volumes in the month of August increased by 1.5 per cent to $447.5 billion, but due to more trading days in August, the actual gain is far less. The average daily trading volumes came in at $19.5 billion, which is 3 per cent lower compared to the previous month.

The ADV is far less than the company’s best month in May 2018, at $22.6 billion ADV. But, on a yearly basis, the Fx trading volumes are 20 per cent higher. During the month, Euronext, the company’s controlling shareholder increased its stake to 97.3 per cent after it purchased it from ex CEO Dmitri Galinov.

NEX GroupNEX Group

The London-based electronic exchange operator has reported a slowdown in trading volumes across sectors in the month of July. The SpotFx volumes declined 15 per cent month on month from $95.8 billion to $81.9 billion, but on the yearly scale, it’s 8 per cent higher. The US Treasury trading volume declined 20 per cent compared to previous month to $125.4 billion from $156.6 billion. The trading volumes in US repo and Euro repo declined 3 per cent and7 per cent respectively.

TFX Click 365

The Tokyo Financial Exchange reported a bullish set of numbers with healthy growth across its product range. The trading volume of three-month EuroYen futures was at 76,189 contracts which is down by 31.3 per cent month-on-month and 20.7 per cent down year-on-year. The average daily volume is at 3,313 contracts.

TFXThe total trading volumes of Fx Daily Futures Contracts (Click 365) is 3,542,520 contracts which is 36 per cent higher compared to previous month and 47 per cent higher when compared annually. The average daily trading volume coming in at 154,023 contracts.

The total trading volume of Equity Index Daily Futures contracts (Click kabu 365) is 349,329 contracts which is lower by 4.4 per cent on monthly interval and 51.3 per cent lower on the yearly interval. The average daily trading volume is coming in at 15,199 contracts.

And, combined volumes of all TFX products is 3,968,038  contracts which is 28.8 per cent higher compared to the previous month and 23.6 per cent higher on the yearly interval. Combined average daily trading volume is at 172, 535 contracts.

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