Nxchange Opens Primary And Secondary Markets to Institutional Partners

Marleen Evertsz, CEO of Nxchange
Marleen Evertsz, CEO of Nxchange

The Next Generation Stock Exchange aka Nxchange has received the MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) license from the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands, which will allow the company to broaden the investment market through institutional partners.


Nxchange helps companies raise money from small-scale investors with its efficient matching platform that connects the investor directly with the company they want to invest in. Already licensed to operate as a Regulated Market, the firm provides a primary market for issuing companies to raise capital and a secondary market for investors that are in need of liquidity.


The market allows instant and real-time transaction carried online 24/7 on its decentralized, multi-channel platform, and flexible investment platform that allows stock purchases from the Nxchange website, the company’s website and even the Facebook page of the desired company.


The platform promotes community-based analysis with constant feedback as well as transparent official data including real-time company financials and public Q&A.


The granted MTF license allows the exchange to enter into partnerships with financial institutions, lenders and other parties that can integrate Nxchange’s technological applications into their own web environment. Institutional partners will serve as a bridge between Nxchange and their customers in order to broaden the market. Partners also benefit from the opportunity as they do not have to develop a platform themselves or have to apply for licences.


Marleen Evertsz, CEO of Nxchange, commented:


“Nxchange is the next generation stock exchange that can be used by companies and financial institutions as a white label trading platform for issuing and trading securities. For many companies, a regular stock listing is too complex and also expensive. We believe that the time has come for a more modern form of capital market transactions: efficient, real-time, 24/7, transparent, and supported by compliance procedures that assure maximum security. Through partnerships with third parties, we want to make our capital market solution as accessible as possible. We will bring entrepreneurs and investors together within their own network.”