Thomson Reuters Announces Japanese Markets Commentary Services

Debra Walton, Global Managing Director, Customer Proposition, Financial & Risk at Thomson Reuters
Debra Walton, Global Managing Director, Customer Proposition, Financial & Risk at Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters has partnered with Japanese financial information firm QUICK, a subsidiary of Nikkei, to provide paid market commentary services on Japanese equity and derivatives, now available to global clients outside of Japan using the Reuters’ Eikon platform.

The collaboration with QUICK brings a variety of quality commentary about the Japanese financial markets. Equity commentary serves Japanese stock market participants with content from a variety of views and features immediate performance reports, including the difference between market consensus and actual results of earnings announcements, and the consequent market reaction.

QUICK’s derivatives commentary helps traders to interpret breaking news on markets and real-time market participants’ voices for stock index futures, options trading, Japanese government bonds, and fixed income trading.

Additionally, the Thomson Reuters Eikon platform will include QUICK’s popular analysis of stock index futures and bond auction news with a focus on the monetary policy of Bank of Japan and other key monetary authorities. QUICK is aware of the influence the US stock market plays on the Japanese market, and its market analysis takes it into account.

The Eikon platform will have QUICK’s paid market commentary available to Thomson Reuters customers from now on in order to help the investment banking industry make more efficient trading and investment decisions across all asset classes and instruments. The new deep insight into Japanese markets is available via automated translation functions into more than 100 languages.

Debra Walton, Global Managing Director, Customer Proposition, Financial & Risk at Thomson Reuters, commented:

“Thomson Reuters focus is to provide the data and intelligence that enables investors around the world to make smarter decisions. The addition of QUICK’s market insight and commentary to Eikon is a game-changer globally and we are excited to deliver QUICK’s services through this initiative.”

NikkeiQUICK, a subsidiary of Nikkei, was founded in 1971 as an information infrastructure that supports Japan’s securities and financial markets by delivering high-value-added global market information from a fair and impartial perspective to a wide range of customers. The commentary services company’s customers have traditionally been securities firms and financial institutions to institutional investors, corporations, and individual investors.

Katsuyoshi Kondo, President and CEO at QUICK, said:

“QUICK’s equity and derivatives commentary is highly valued among Japan’s domestic market players and we aim to deliver it worldwide through various outlets. I believe it is quite significant that we are able to provide this service in a timely manner to major global financial institutions through Eikon.”