SAXO Bank Launches New Trading Platform “SaxoInvestor” to Cater to the Needs of Growing Segment of Investors

Saxo BankSaxo Bank the Danish-based multi-asset brokerage firm has today announced the launch of a new trading platform “SaxoInvestor”- a user-friendly and simpler investment platform customised to its growing segment of investors. The platform will allow investors to build long-term portfolios across stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and SaxoSelect portfolios.

The platform is built on the existing technology on which other platforms such as SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPRO have been built. The new SaxoInvestor has a simpler interface and can cater best to the needs of the typical investors.

According to the company, SaxoInvestor gives investors access solely to cash products and the main USP of the platform is that it is loaded with a new feature called “investment themes” which cover several long-term investment trends such as robotics, electric vehicles, ESG and cybersecurity. In a statement, the company said:

“Today, SaxoInvestor is now available for the broker’s clients based in Denmark with the firm planning to roll out the product internationally by the first quarter of 2019. In addition, from now on, SaxoInvestor will be a key part of the Group’s white label and partner offering across markets. This is because the platform has been designed to be both flexible and customisable.”

Kim Fournais, CEO of Saxo Bank
Kim Fournais, CEO of Saxo Bank

Kim Fournais, the CEO & founder, commented on the launch:

“The opportunities for investors have for too long been constrained by limited access to international stocks, high and opaque prices and outdated technology. With SaxoInvestor, we make it much simpler to build a diversified portfolio across markets and offer high-quality inspiration on the major investment themes that shape the future of this world.”

He added: “The investor segment is among the fastest growing. And by leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and access to global capital markets, we deliver a product perfectly tailored to the investor with a longer investment horizon. For this segment, it is paramount to not only diversify across markets and asset classes but to do so at low costs.”