PortAventura to Start Accepting Payments in Bitcoin from Next Season

In yet another growing sign that cryptos are moving mainstream, PortAventura World, the resort that has the most theme parks in Europe, has announced that it would be getting its payments software ready to start accepting bitcoins from next year.

The resort also owns 6 hotels with 2300 rooms in total and it has said that the Bitcoin payment option would be available for users if they wish to use it from the beginning of the 2022 season at their six hotels. The resort has also said that bitcoin would only be accepted for now which opens the possibility that others may be accepted in the future.

Managing Director of PortAventura World, David García Blancas, explained that “the push for initiatives such as this one allows us to become aligned with the latest trends and satisfy the needs of our guests; factors that are essential to strengthen our position as a leading company and innovator in the entertainment industry. At PortAventura World, we are deeply immersed in a process of digital acceleration to improve the experience of our visitors and continue to promote new and innovative ways of entertainment”.

This continues the trend of many businesses coming around to accepting cryptos as payments for their services and once the merchants and businesses begin to shift, it would help in mainstream adoption as the users would also become more inclined to make use of cryptos. But what is a bit surprising at this time is that most of the merchants seem to be willing to accept only bitcoins rather than any stablecoins. Accepting stablecoins would make more economic sense as their value is pegged to the dollar and hence would not be volatile while the value of Bitcoin tends to be highly volatile which makes it pretty useless as a form of currency in the mainstream.

This leads to doubts and questions on whether there is more of a marketing tactic from the merchants rather than any specific move towards crypto in the long run. The crypto ecosystem would surely hope that this is a sincere move towards the mainstream acceptance of cryptos rather than a marketing gimmick, at least in the long term but this is something that only time will tell.