PayRetailers: Consolidates Brand with Key Sports Sponsorships in LATAM 

PayRetailers supports the development of sports in Latin America by being an official sponsor of CONMEBOL South America and the Superliga Sudamericana de Rugby (SLAR, American Rugby Superleague) in 2022. These partnerships are part of a wider purpose to foster financial education and inclusion across the diverse range of local markets in which the leading fintech operates.  

PayRetailers and the key to sports sponsorships in LATAM

Over the past two years, PayRetailers has been supporting Latin American’s passion for sports by investing in key sports sponsorships. This underlines the company’s commitment to empowering emerging markets with a complete payment solution for users. PayRetailers has promoted growth in LATAM by enabling the smooth and secure entry of international merchants into the region.

Renato Cassinelli, Head of Public Relations at PayRetailers clarifies the reasons for these alliances and how they are helping consolidate and expand the brand: “PayRetailers’ sports sponsorships are a manifestation of our leadership in Latin America. They reflect the excellent work the company has done in each of the markets where our specialised teams have established a solid structure for payment processing throughout the region”.

Currently, PayRetailers has seven offices in several Latin American countries, including Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, which have a significant portion of the market. The company offers more than 250 payment methods on one platform that is constantly evolving. The ability to innovate and be relevant is thanks to the teams that have strong local knowledge of all the diverse markets in which PayRetailers operates. 

“It is of the utmost importance that our clients feel solid support from PayRetailers when they decide to expand their business into a large and ever-expanding continent of opportunities such as LATAM. Our sports sponsorships are a direct message to Latin Americans, merchants and the industry in general – we know the people, the culture, and above all – we are part of it,” Renato Cassinelli added.

CONMEBOL South America, 2022

For the second year in a row, PayRetailers maintains its position as official sponsor of one of the most prestigious competitions in Latin American soccer, CONMEBOL South America, where major global brands, such as Betfair, EA Sports, QATAR Airways, DHL, AMSTEL, Bridgestone and MG Motors, are also sponsors.

Football is the quintessential king of sports in Latin America, a region where PayRetailers sits proudly as one of the leading payment gateways since the company began operating in 2017. This sponsorship reflects the company’s substantial growth over a short period of time, and commitment to the development of financial education and inclusion across a range of emerging markets.

Thanks to this, the brand has been building gaps between Latino consumers and the companies that offer products and services to them on digital platforms. More people now enjoy access to digital guidance, which in turn, enables greater inclusion, progress and empathy.

Superliga Americana de Rugby (SLAR), 2022

This year, PayRetailers added a new member to the company’s family of sports sponsorships with SLAR, the first professional rugby tournament in South America. This move represents a big leap forward for sports in the continent, fostering the discipline and passion that players and fans both share. 

The visibility of this sport is increasing throughout the continent, and the level of play is growing exponentially compared to other sports. Thanks to this, the PayRetailers brand will have a prominent international presence in the live transmissions of the games on important sports channels such as ESPN. 

In addition to the sponsorship, PayRetailers will support SLAR at all levels as an official partner, including ticket sales and merchandising. PayRetailers guarantees secure, reliable and straightforward ways to pay for everything fans enjoy, as well as offering up unique experiences to them.

This historic development once again positions PayRetailers as a market leader when it comes to inclusion and diversity in the region.

About PayRetailers

Established in 2017, PayRetailers is a leading payment service company headquartered in Spain, with regional offices in Malta, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. 

Its flagship online payment platform is a unified solution integrating over 250 payment methods, including online payment alternatives using local currency, such as cash payments, credit/debit cards, online banking, QR codes, and a wide range of eWallets. 

PayRetailers’ payment platform leverages API technology to connect Latin American consumers with international merchants, offering a seamless payment experience. 

From the merchant’s perspective, the solution has the distinct advantage of eliminating the hurdles associated with integrating multiple acquirers and payment methods, setting up several local entities and managing pay-in and payout processors individually.

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