Match-Trade Launches Data Feed for 25 Popular Cryptos

Match-Trade Technologies has introduced a crypto data feed for the 25 most popular crypto pairs.

Using proprietary algorithms, which assure the prices’ speed and accuracy in various conditions, Match-Trade is an established solution for brokers looking for not only the leading cryptocurrencies in the market but also hot coins such as Polkadot, Chainlink, or Cardano in the instruments’ list.

“We provide up to 5 levels of the aggregated order book to assure the best transparency and to reflect as much as possible market conditions. Liquidity for the feed is sourced from the biggest spot/futures exchanges and the most prominent institutional market makers”, the announcement states.

Available on the Match-Trader Pro platform, the crypto instruments can be connected to all White Labels as well as to the required data feed and liquidity via its own FIX API, Match-Trade Bridge. The firm cooperates with many of the leading integrated aggregators, including OneZero hub, xCore, T4B, and FX Cubic, Centroid, and others.

Chris Dankowski, Chief Business Development Officer at Match-Trade Technologies, said: “We constantly seek to improve our services, and we decided to expand and enhance our offer by adding the new pool of liquidity for 25 Crypto CFD pairs. It is essential to keep pace with the market, especially in the current situation when cryptocurrencies become very popular even among retail clients”.

Match-Trade Technologies offers a White Label solution for brokers who wish to transfer their white-label platform to their servers. The decision to change the technology provider is usually difficult and expensive, including the migration of MT4 / MT5 White Labels.

The firm is a provider of data feeds for FX, CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies as well as a variety of ready-made plugins and extensions for the white-label solution.

Match-Trade has most recently partnered with DevExperts to expand DXtrade’s range of liquidity solutions available for brokers looking for out-of-the-box solutions.