Commcise appoints Melissa Umans as Director of Business Development

Commcise announced the appointment of Melissa Umans as Director of Business Development in the New York Office, where she will focus on growing existing relationships and expanding the Commcise presence in the US.
The award-winning provider of integrated commission management, research evaluation and reporting solutions for investment management firms, will be able to use Melissa’s expertise in Research Payment Account management, Commission Sharing Agreement aggregation, interaction management and broker evaluations.
“I’m extremely pleased to join a team of highly skilled and talented individuals who understand the industry and how recent regulatory changes are reshaping the way buy-side and sell-side firms interact with one another. At Commcise, I am surrounded by industry specialists and forward thinkers, as well as expert technologists who have created best-in-class solutions to help firms meet their business and regulatory obligations across the research, interaction, evaluation and commission management space”, said Melissa Umans, who has worked at IHS Markit and Goldman Sachs prior to joining Commcise.
“Since joining Commcise, one of the most pleasant surprises has been witnessing how flexible the system truly is in meeting the needs of a broad range of hedge funds and asset management firms – from smaller, single office firms to the largest, global asset managers managing several teams in multiple regions around the globe”, she added.
Paul Charie, Global Head of Sales at Commcise

Paul Charie, Global Head of Sales at Commcise commented: “We are excited to be adding to our team globally. Bringing a talent such as Melissa in to the organisation is an important part of our strategic plans for 2018.” He continued, “The North American market is very exciting for Commcise and with Melissa’s contacts and experience, we are very confident of continued client base expansion in the US and Canada this year.”

Supporting buy-sides, sell-sides and independent research providers, Commcise’s fully-integrated, cloud-based platform is designed to track commissions for funding research, recording research consumption and evaluating research services from providers.
The company has found growing demand from many asset managers as they respond to the recent European regulatory changes that came into force this week.