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Danske Bank

AquaQ to save eight days per month in Danske Bank’s manual tasks

January 4, 2018

AquaQ AnalyticsEnterprise software development services provider AquaQ Analytics announced that will be automating manual tasks for Danske Bank, saving them an estimated average of eight days per month which allows key personnel to focus on other high value projects.

This is not the first time AquaQ Analytics provides its automation services to increase efficiencies for Danske Bank and the firm continues to work with Danske Bank on further data projects. The company has worked with the Danske Data Intelligence team to migrate a number of manually intensive complicated tasks previously completed using Excel spreadsheets into a scheduled workflow using advanced data analytics platform Alteryx. Additionally, the company helped the bank’s Belfast based risk team to improve the processing of a large quantity of daily data which was processed manually and had been identified as suitable for automation.

Ronan Pairceir, Chief Executive Officer of AquaQ Analytics
Ronan Pairceir, Chief Executive Officer of AquaQ Analytics

Using the platform, Aqua Q has introduced substantial efficiencies for Danske Bank, enabling tasks that previously took half a day to be done in a matter of minutes. Regarding the task currently in hand, Danske Bank expects to see an increase in job satisfaction as the original task completed by staff in that team was highly repetitive.

Ronan Pairceir, Chief Executive Officer of AquaQ Analytics, said: “We are delighted to be assisting Danske in their data related projects and the improvements achieved to date have been very encouraging. AquaQ is dedicated to fostering innovation in the data processing and data analytics sector and this collaboration if further evidence of the success we are able to achieve.”

Marion Rybnikar, Head of Data at Danske Bank
Marion Rybnikar, Head of Data at Danske Bank

Marion Rybnikar, Head of Data at Danske Bank, commented: “The ability to innovate is essential as the Banking landscape evolves and is key to Danske Bank’s digital strategy. Our partnership with AquaQ has enabled our Data Intelligence team to fast track automation of manually intensive tasks, allowing our team to be innovative and focus on creating value for our customers. Automating these complicated, repetitive tasks lets our team concentrate on complex tasks that require greater analysis and interpretation.”

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