Bank of Russia Releases Mobile Application for Banknotes

Cen Tral Bank Of Russia LogoThe Bank of Russia Banknotes mobile application helps the public to familiarise themselves with banknotes in circulation, study their design and visual security features, and also obtain information needed to conduct an independent check of their authenticity without special equipment.

“This year, Russia hosts 2018 FIFA World Cup. The application is released in the run up to this remarkable sports event. We hope our guests will be able to use it to learn more about Bank of Russia banknotes and, more importantly, to understand how to check their authenticity,” said Vladimir Demidenko, Deputy Director of the Bank of Russia Cash Circulation Department.

The new service determines the denomination and the year of issue of a banknote, demonstrates in an interactive form its visual security features and provides a brief information about the banknote. To do this, a user should position the banknote under a mobile device’s camera and select a needed option from the application menu. All information is available not only in visual but also in audio form which can be activated with the help of an in-built voice guide in Russian and in English.

‘Bank of Russia Banknotes’ mobile application is available for downloading on the AppStore and GooglePlay.