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Beeks Financial Cloud Expands into Interxion’s London Data Centre

InterxionUK based Beeks Financial Cloud, a low-latency Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider for financial markets, has expanded its reach in a collaboration with Interxion.


Beeks Financial Cloud will now offer compute-on-demand Infrastructure and connectivity within Interxion’s London data centre. Interxion is a leading provider of colocation data centre services across Europe and operates more than 40 data centres.


The collaboration between Beeks and Interxion has largely been driven by the relocation of some liquidity venues into the Interxion London data centre. Clients who use Beeks’ low touch, high-performance servers can now locate their trading infrastructure as close as possible to liquidity venues and the associated ISVs located with Interxion London.


Des Peck, Beeks Financial Cloud Commercial Director
Des Peck, Beeks Financial Cloud Commercial Director

Beeks, which was established in 2011, now has a presence in 10 international data centres, thanks to this most recent partnership. The company offers both low latency connectivity within the data centres to various venues and a Point to Point Wide Area Network, joining its sites around the world. The latest addition to Beeks’ portfolio will allow clients in the UK to deploy in Interxion London quickly, and with a minimal 30-day commitment.


Beeks’ Commercial Director, Des Peck believes the addition of Interxion’s London data centre will be particularly beneficial for those market participants who are commodity focused.


“The BFC deployment in London Interxion is (like our other deployments) focused on allowing clients to be closer to the venues within the data centre. In Interxion London, the major market located within the DC is the LME which is a major commodity market and has a wide range of trading participants. A client who wants to deploy their trading logic within the Interxion data centre can use Beeks to quickly deploy into London Interxion for fast and easy access to the markets, technology and service providers all accessible within the Interxion data centre, “ said Mr Peck.


Like their other partnerships, Mr Peck thinks that the relationship with Interxion will serve the needs of its clients by offering flexibility.


Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks Financial Cloud
Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks Financial Cloud

“Beeks is a technology provider and broker-neutral. Beeks works with a wide range of data network providers and brokers. Clients can thus choose which broker/technology suits their trading requirements all while sitting on the Beeks Financial Cloud within a key liquidity data centre. Beeks works with a range of service providers for access to Markets. Clients can use these service providers for exchange gateway/pre-trade risk controls, “ he said.


CEO of Beeks Financial Cloud, Gordon McArthur, is excited at the new partnership and what that means for clients.


Andrew Fray, Managing Director of Interxion UK
Andrew Fray, Managing Director of Interxion UK

“We are delighted to build our partnership with Interxion as the best way to facilitate further connectivity and infrastructure in a highly desirable location such as Interxion’s London data centre. By establishing this setup with Interxion, we can deliver further trading opportunities to our clients and continue to expand on our offering,” said Mr McArthur.


Managing Director of Interxion UK, Andrew Fray, is looking forward to working with a company like Beeks Financial Cloud.


“I am thrilled to welcome Beeks Financial Cloud to our expanding community of interest for financial services in London.  As enterprises flex their options for hybrid cloud solutions, Beeks’ expertise in providing compute-on-demand is a tremendous addition to the services available at Interxion.”