Michael Jordan to Launch Fan Engagement Platform HEIR on Solana

Michael Jordan, one of the all-time greats in NBA basketball, has announced plans to launch a fan engagement platform called Heir on Solana which will help the athletes to connect with their fans.

This platform would also involve his son Jeffery Jordan who is likely to be driving the platform development. Jordan has been known for his involvement in the crypto industry as he has already invested in a couple of crypto and sports-related startups over the past few months. This platform is expected to be driven by the Solana network which will be a huge boost for Solana in its quest to become the next Ethereum of the crypto world as the competition for that tag increases every day. Blockchain gaming, sports, and NFTs are likely to become the buzzword for the crypto and blockchain industry in the coming months and the network that manages to capture the bulk of the developers and the users in this space is likely to lead the race.

The fan engagement platform is likely to help build communities around star athletes so that they can engage more directly with their fans. On the other hand, the platform can also be extended to help the athletes to mint their tokens as well as NFTs which their fans can buy as collectibles, show their love for the star, and also help them with their upcoming projects. As the engagement increases and as the stars grow in stature, it is likely that the associated tokens, collectibles, and NFT also increase in value which will be useful for the fans.

The platform is scheduled to be launched in 2022 and it is believed that the [parent company of the platform has raised $10 million in investment from Thrive Capital, Solana Ventures, and others as well. The fact that Solana is backing this project shows how important it believes it would be for the overall growth of the network. It has recently been receiving some flak due to the downtime and other issues that it has suffered from and it would hope that the network would be able to overcome these issues in time for the major apps to go live as its reputation would be at stake when the mainstream users begin to come on to the various app and platforms.