Wirex Appoints Lloyds’ Head of Risk for Digital Channels as Non-Executive Director

Wirex has appointed Diana Carrasco-Vime as the firm’s first Non-Executive Director.

Diana Carrasco-Vime, who is Head of Risk for Digital Channels at Lloyds Banking Group, is expected to bring her vast experience to help the company move to the next level.

Aiming to become the go-to digital payments platform for everyday users, Wirex has seen the number of customers grow astronomically in recent years to nearly four million.

The firm has particularly gained a reputation within the crypto sector, namely for developing a crypto-enabled debit card and becoming the first crypto-native principal member of Mastercard, as well for launching a passive income service.

From July 2021, Diana Carrasco-Vime will join CEOs and Co-Founders Pavel Matveev and Dmitry Lazarichev to take a leading role in deciding the trajectory of the company, including the next stage of growth in the UK market. She will also provide independent advice to support governance and strategy development.

Her 20-year career includes all areas of payments and banking, such as product design, business development, public policy, risk, compliance, and governance.

Prior to Lloyds, she has held senior positions in ServiRed, Visa, and HSBC, as well as several advisory roles with industry bodies, regulators, and private companies.

Diana Carrasco-Vime, Non-Executive Director at Wirex, said: “At a time where technology and data are allowing such a revolution in financial services from every possible angle, there is a risk that companies jump into projects and experiments just because they are ‘the next big thing’, or because they feel they have to follow their competitors, without necessarily considering if it is what their customers actually need. What appealed most to me is that Wirex’s approach has consumers in mind – demystifying crypto and bringing it to everyday life, making it accessible for everyone. This is a proposition I truly believe in, and I am very excited to be a part of,[MM1] [LW2] ” Carrasco-Vime expressed.

Pavel Matveev, CEO and Co-Founder at Wirex, commented: “Carrasco-Vime’s hire has come at an integral point in Wirex’s development. With nearly 4 million customers and plans to release more game-changing products and features, her knowledge and expertise will be vital in ensuring that we scale-sensibly and suitably to continue providing a world-class digital payments platform.”

The payments provider has recently hired Jenny Kong as the Global Head of Marketing, who will be managing the team from New Zealand.

She has been with Wirex for 3 years now and her appointment as the Marketing head shows the flexibility that Wirex allows within its company as she will be managing an international all-female team while being based in APAC.

Jenny Jong has been instrumental in helping to build Wirex as a global brand though its core continues to remain as crypto. Started in 2014, the company now has over 3.5 million customers in 130 countries who use its centralized mobile app to store and transact in multiple currencies all around the globe.

Earlier this month, Wirex added 15 new coins to the platform, including UMA, OMG, BAT, SUSHI, BAT, COMP, 1INCH.