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TradeStation Securities Now Allows Micro Bitcoin Futures Trading from CME

TradeStation Securities Inc. , a Monex Group company and award-winning broker-dealer and futures commission merchant, now offers its futures clients the ability to trade Micro Bitcoin futures contracts, through CME Group.

The CME group first launched BTC futures trading towards the end of 2017 and though there was a large drop in the price of BTC immediately after this, it has since seen a huge bull run over the years which has helped the price of BTC to run north of $60K in April 2021. This has led to huge interest in the trading of bitcoin from retail and institutional traders as well.

One of the major stumbling blocks for retail traders in this market has been the fact that the price of Bitcoin has been so high and this has made it difficult for smaller traders to buy it. the CME group realised this challenge and chose to launch Micro Bitcoin futures to make the trading of Bitcoin futures contracts more accessible for the retail traders

“The interest around cryptocurrency in 2021 continues to grow, and as we see more corporations and financial institutions recognize the importance of crypto, it increases interest for the retail investor community. We’re excited to offer our futures clients another way to trade the price direction of Bitcoin, based on the daily CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate, through cash-settled Micro Bitcoin futures. By lowering the barrier of entry, more retail traders will be able to gain exposure to Bitcoin, which exceeded $60k in April,” said John Bartleman, President of TradeStation Group, Inc. “We were day one supporters of CME’s Bitcoin futures product, and we’re looking forward to our continued relationship that allows us to enable our clients to access cryptocurrency price fluctuations through futures trading.”

“We are pleased TradeStation is supporting the launch of our new Micro Bitcoin futures,” said Tim McCourt, Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products at CME Group. “Since the launch of our Bitcoin futures more than three years ago, TradeStation, and the broader broker community, have played an important role in not only facilitating trading but educating institutional and other sophisticated traders on the benefits of crypto derivatives.”

It is expected that more and more trading platforms would begin to integrate Bitcoin trading into their systems and the CME group is also expected to add more crypto products into its range of trading products. Retail traders are likely to welcome the addition of new trading products into their platforms as it increases their choice though Bitcoin still does not seem to find favour with some of the renowned traders and fund managers like Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett.