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Top Universities Offer Unique Trading Related Courses

Top Universities
Top Universities

Some of America’s finest universities are offering unique trading related courses. 


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


MIT is one of the finest universities in the world; it recently finished second in the United Kingdom-based survey done by  Times Higher Education of world university reputation ratings. 

MIT is now offering a six-week online course on crypto-currency. 

According to the course’s website, there will be between seven to ten hours of coursework weekly, entirely online, weekly modules and flexible hours; the course costs $3,000.

On the website, the course promises students will gain these three things.

  1. A working knowledge of the latest cryptocurrency developments, equipping you to assess the viability of crypto projects.
  2. A comprehensive understanding of industry opportunities in light of increasing institutional interest in crypto, coupled with an insight into blockchain technology.
  3. Access to cutting-edge ideas from MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative, with strategic takeouts designed to help you remain competitive in your industry.

The course syllabus notes, “Cryptocurrencies, first launched with Bitcoin, have brought us private sector, peer-to-peer, digital currencies. You’ve likely heard lively debates on the actual functionality of cryptocurrencies, their long-term viability, and potential impact. The MIT Media Lab Cryptocurrency online short course brings you critical reasoning skills and crypto literacy to demystify the real-world capabilities of cryptocurrency, and its economic implications. 

“Guided by MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative – as well as crypto industry experts, economists, financial regulators, and Internet entrepreneurs – you’ll gain the skills to critically assess the viability of crypto projects, and understand the opportunities and challenges associated with these new technologies. With an overview of blockchain technology, the history of money, and insight into how entrepreneurs, incumbents, and governments are responding to these innovations, you’ll explore cryptocurrency in its broader context.”


  • The Securities Industry Institute (SII) sponsored by SIFMA, Securities Industry, and Financial Markets Association, and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania


The Wharton School of Business counts among its alumni President Donald Trump, who graduated from Wharton in 1968.

Wharton is one of the premiere business graduate schools in the US, ranked number one in the most recent US News and World Report ranking of US business schools.

The Financial Times had it ranked second in 2020, fourth in 2019, and third in 2018. 

It’s rare that a business continuing education program could be compared to a rock concert, however, the next SII is scheduled to be held on March 8-13, 2020, and all slots are already filled. 

According to SII’s website, people can still contact them to be put on a waitlist. More information is here.

The SII website states, “The Securities Industry Institute® (SII) is the premier executive development program for financial industry professionals, hosted by SIFMA and Wharton.”

Last year’s curriculum included lectures on cyber-security, financial innovation, ethics, foreign exchange markets, ETF’s and more. 

One lecture was titled, “The Fed and the Impact of the Job Market and Inflation on Monetary Policy” while another was titled, “Fundamentals of Securities Operations”

According to promotional videos, the program also included discussion groups and numerous opportunities to network. 

The program runs for three years for one week each year. It is held at the Wharton campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • Harvard University


Harvard University is the oldest university in the US, having first been established in 1636.

It consistently ranks on any short list for the greatest universities in the world; it ranked number one in the Higher Times Education survey which MIT finished second. 

Harvard is offering an on-line class in financial technology. 

“This short course provides expert guidance and insight into the shifting nature of the financial sector,” the course’s website states. 

The website said these six things would be in the course outline

  1. Reshaping the banking and payment industry
  2. Raising money with FinTech
  3. Harnessing data with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  4. Transforming personal finance with FinTech
  5. Demystifying the blockchain and cryptocurrency
  6. Forging the future of Fintech.

The course goes for six weeks, with approximately eight to ten hours of course work per week, all on-line, and the cost is $3,600, according to the course syllabus.

Find the course syllabus here.


  • FINRA Institute at Georgetown University


Georgetown University is ranked number twenty-four by US News World Report and number fifteen by Forbes for best universities in the US.

FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which is the self-regulatory organization for securities firms. 

FINRA and Georgetown partner annually for the FINRA Institute at Georgetown.

This course occurs over a two week period.

The two weeks are staggered; week one is July 19-24, 2020 and week two is November 15-20, 2020.

The course is held on Georgetown’s campus which is in Washington, D.C.

The course is for regulatory and compliance professionals.

The website has more details. 

“The FINRA Institute at Georgetown Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional (CRCP)® program provides compliance, legal and regulatory professionals with an in-depth understanding of the foundation, theory and practical application of securities laws and regulation.

“The CRCP® program is delivered through the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and comprises two non-consecutive weeklong residential courses, in addition to extensive pre-course readings and casework. The CRCP certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete the program within a two-year period.

“Past participants of the program include compliance and business professionals on a leadership track, practicing attorneys, and foreign, federal and state securities regulators. Participants in the program benefit from access to world-renowned professors and expert faculty drawn from the securities industry and regulators and build lasting professional relationships with fellow participants with diverse professional backgrounds.”

The FINRA Institute was featured on FINRA’s podcast Unscripted in February 2019. Find the podcast here. 

Registration for the course is found here