Spotware Removes Fees on PAMM’s Commissions

Spotware Systems commissionsSpotware Systems has decided to remove the 30% charge on commissions earned by the Strategy Providers in cTrader Copy in an effort to attract professional traders, offer better terms and improve the overall trading environment.

As Spotware decided to remove its interest completely, strategy providers using cTrader Copy, among which are professional traders, PAMM managers, and IBs, will benefit from the change as it allows them to earn even more from trading.

The company expects the move to attract even more strategy providers to cTrader Copy and, in turn, investors’ options for copying, potentially at lower fees.

Strategy providers using cTrader Copy are able to charge Investors 3 types of fees or any combination of those for providing their strategy for copying: Performance fee (same as in PAMM); Management fee; Volume fee. Spotware chose to remove the 30% deduction from these fees.

James Glyde Chief Commercial Officer at Spotware Systems

James Glyde, the Chief Commercial Officer of Spotware, commented:

“cTrader Copy is a truly innovative copy trading platform that is easily accessible to anyone who would like to provide a strategy or copy a strategy. It already has many Strategy Providers among which are professional traders, PAMM managers, and IBs. To allow them to earn even more from trading, we decided to remove our interest completely. This will attract even more Strategy Providers to cTrader Copy, thus increasing Investors’ options for copying, and allow them to offer lower fees for their services.”

Earlier this year, Spotware launched a fully supported solution for startup retail forex FX and CFD brokers, including access to global infrastructure and hosting in LD5, ongoing technical support from Spotware and regular updates with new features.

The solution allows startup brokers to stay in control of trading operations via a powerful admin panel, where they can manage trading settings and clients, use marketing tools, generate transparent reports and conduct risk management. Spotware’s offering includes an “All in One Platform”, where the cTrader trading platform provides any type of trader with advanced trading, charting and technical analysis tools for manual trading, algorithmic trading features, copy trading service suitable for PAMM managers, and a native IB Program.