Spotware Systems Merged cAlgo and cTrader, Renamed as cTrader Automate

cTraderProvider of CFD trading and spread betting platform, Spotware Systems has announced the integration of cAlgo with cTrader desktop in version 3.0. With this integration, cAlgo will be known to cTrader Automate.

cTrader Automate is an all-inclusive algorithmic trading solution which will allow algo developers to build automated trading robots and custom indicators in the popular c# language using the highly functional cTrader’s Automate API. With both cTrader and cAlgo becoming modules of cTrader 3.0, cTrader is renamed to cTrader Trade and cTrader Automate respectively.

Commenting on the merger, Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware, said:

“cTrader Automate was designed as a highly productive and efficient tool, equipped with everything necessary to properly backtest and optimize your trading strategies. And as a natively integrated app of cTrader, you have access to all other functionality of the platform.”

cTrader Automate has been integrated with many great features like C# language, built-in-editor that makes coding job very simple and hassle-free. It also offers tools for trading forex and CFDs and allows to testing as much as details in trading strategies. Its advanced back-testing  and optimization capabilities allow to measure and improve the trading performance. It also gives access to the extensive online library of resources and the trading community, developers, financial experts and consultants ensuring maximum support.