SmartStream Appoints Mark Morris as Head of Sales, Managed Services

SmartStream Technologies has appointed Mark Morris as Head of Sales, Managed Services, reporting to Nick Smith, EVP Managed Services.

“There is a huge interest in SmartStream’s Managed Services and client appetite and interest is at an all-time high. We needed an expert like Mark who has in-depth industry knowledge and can serve our clients well in meeting operational excellence.

“I am delighted to welcome Mark onto the team and I’m sure his expertise will help us to continue serving our clients in this demanding area of the market”, said Nick Smith, EVP Managed Services at SmartStream.

Mark Morris will be delivering SmartStream’s technology and operational expertise across functions including reconciliations, corporate actions, collateral management, cash and liquidity management, fees and expense management, and reference data.

The industry veteran has over 30 years of experience under his belt, having held Managing Director roles within a number of investment banks, including NatWest Markets, Nomura, and Commerzbank.

He joined SmartStream from JDX Consulting, where he worked within the EMEA region on various transaction lifecycle projects and helped drive clients through regulatory change.

Mark Morris, Head of Sales, Managed Services at SmartStream, commented: “In recent months we have seen an increase in growth for the adoption of cloud-based and managed services, including delivered solutions. SmartStream is seen as a trusted partner in the marketplace providing a complete solution with defined outcomes – I have been impressed by their level of service and customer interest. I decided to join a company with reputable products and a great team”.

SmartStream has recently joined forces with Acadia for the processing and calculation of interest statements for TLM Collateral Management customers and their associated counterparties.

SmartStream’s TLM Collateral Management solution will work alongside Acadia’s Interest Statements workflow, available via its industry-standard Margin Manager platform.

The solution will dispatch interest statements, reconcile, and resolve issues with counterparties in a standardised messaging format, thus removing the reliance on email exchanges and manual dispute resolution.

In May, the firm launched an Exchange Notification Service (ENS) as part of its SmartStream RDU solution suite and developed in partnership with clients.

Designed to track, consolidate and normalize reference data notifications published by each exchange, the ENS service addresses the mammoth task of managing all subscriptions from more than 100 exchanges where derivatives are traded.

In conjunction with several clients, SmartStream realized that missing exchange notifications – due to multiple exchanges and formats – in the reference data space can be very costly.