SmartStream and Acadia Join Forces for TLM Collateral Management Customers

SmartStream has partnered with Acadia to enable increased efficiencies for the processing and calculation of interest statements for TLM Collateral Management customers and their associated counterparties.

SmartStream’s TLM Collateral Management solution will work alongside Acadia’s Interest Statements workflow, available via its industry-standard Margin Manager platform.

The solution will dispatch interest statements, reconcile, and resolve issues with counterparties in a standardised messaging format, thus removing the reliance on email exchanges and manual dispute resolution.

Acadia’s matching engine will pair statements, highlight discrepancies, and produce final interest statements for clients and their relevant counterparties.

Richard Barton, Head of Product Management at Acadia, commented: “We are delighted to be working alongside SmartStream, who have successfully served clients in the collateral management space for years, and we are confident this will further enhance its service in many areas including: margin and risk mitigation – which will efficiently meet all sell-side, buy-side and fund administrator requirements”.

Jason Ang, Program Manager, TLM Collateral Management at SmartStream, added: “It is always essential to provide our clients with new technologies and improvements to their service. TLM Collateral Management coupled with Acadia’s Margin Manager provides integration with a powerful collateral solution and a user-friendly dashboard, allowing for quick exception management, including a complete audit trail with final statements. It’s our duty to continue improving services for our clients and this is a great addition to our existing solution”.

Last month, Acadia announced the rebranding from AcadiaSoft in order to reflect its progression from a pure software company to an industry-standard platform over the past decade.

The firm has recently enhanced its risk management capabilities in February with the acquisition of Dublin-based Quaternion, enables a network of banks and other derivatives firms to improve efficiency and mitigate costs.

The derivatives industry is at a massive inflection point with the integration of risk management and more insightful data. Acadia aims to help the industry to evolve the risk function from measurement to integrated management.

Streamlining risk measurement, risk analysis, and risk mitigation is the answer. Acadia’s ability to standardize collateral management addresses clients’ overall risk strategy holistically and on a real-time basis.

Having transformed into an industry-standard platform, Acadia is now focused on helping clients achieve regulatory compliance, optimize their collateral and liquidity, and manage their capital more efficiently.