Refinitiv Enters Into a Strategic Partnership with ModuleQ

Karthik Subramanian

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Refinitiv Enters Into a Strategic Partnership with ModuleQ

March 28, 2020

RefinitivRefinitiv - ModuleQ, the US based global financial market data and technology services provider has entered into a strategic partnership with California based tech specialist ModuleQ. As part of this partnership agreement, Refinitiv has made a significant investment in Module Q gaining partial ownership. To those hearing about ModuleQ for the first time, the firm is an official partner of Microsoft for its famous product Office 365 and several other Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has partnered with the California based tech specialist to gain access to its intelligent app which helps in predicting its users’ current priorities to bring to its team wide range of timely and relevant content in form of news and analytics. This strategic partnership between Refinitiv and ModuleQ will help provide proactive, mission-critical business information directly in their workflow to a wide range of professionals such as sales team executives, lawyers, and bankers to company executives.

It should be noted that both Refinitiv and ModuleQ have collaborated since 2018 to use their machine learning and analytical capabilities to provide proactive insights which are tailored to professionals’ current work priorities via the ModuleQ app by leveraging on Refinitiv’s Intelligent Tagging and Knowledge Graph platforms. And with the latest partnership agreement, the companies are planning to integrate select Refinitiv content such as Aftermarket Research and Company Profiles with ModuleQ app to enable important business gain insights related to the fast-changing priorities of individual professional users.

The ModuleQ’ application platforms are very valuable to firms from a wide range of industries such as banking, consulting or legal advisory, whose teams are required to keep on top of the latest news as required by their clients. ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion 1TM AI functions using data fusion technology which is adapted by ModuleQ to sort information overload & help professionals stay informed about their priorities. ModuleQ’s enterprise solution is delivered in form of virtual applications within the clients’ secure Microsoft Azure cloud account/platform and behind the clients’ firewall.

Refinitiv’s Intelligent Tagging platform works with data such as natural language processing (NLP), text analytics and data-mining technologies to derive meaning from vast amounts of unstructured content, including news articles etc. Refinitiv Knowledge Graph works by using a linked data feed of the Refinitiv financial content sets with a pre-identified set of relationships to help customers in uncovering previously undetected connections within and across data sets.

Commenting on this partnership Ben Shepherd, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Refinitiv said, “The difference between winning and losing a customer or a deal for an advisor, particularly in these markets and working virtually, is being first with news and unique insights that are most relevant. With ModuleQ, we look forward to getting our data and tools to customers where they work, as they need it in fast-growing Microsoft Teams. We see great possibilities for customers in deepening our partnership with David and his team at ModuleQ.”

Speaking on same note, David Brunner, Chief Executive Officer of ModuleQ said, “This investment by Refinitiv is the realization of using AI to surface the information professionals need before they know it’s even available. Companies are looking to Microsoft Teams to make them work smarter and our AI makes that even easier”.

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