Reactive Markets’s Crypto and FX Post-Trade Data Made Available on Tradefeedr

Tradefeedr has integrated with Reactive Markets’s Switchboard, thus allowing clients to choose for their Crypto and FX post-trade data to automatically stream to Tradefeedr.

Tradefeedr allows the sell-side, buy-side, regional banks, hedge funds, brokers, and central banks to connect, analyze their trading data, and collaborate.

The “common, truly independent trading database” launched its data analytics platform in June 2021 with more than 15 leading sell-side and 20 major buy-side firms onboarding and another 20 in the pipeline.

Switchboard is a liquidity network for Crypto and FX trading, where clients can trade on a fully disclosed basis with their relationship LPs at no cost, connecting via a single high performance API or front end trader desktop.

Reactive Markets clients who opt-in will see their post-trade data streaming from Switchboard to Tradefeedr within minutes.

Phil Morris, CEO of Reactive Markets, said: “By working with Tradefeedr we are able to offer clients market-leading and complementary services for trading and data analytics in Crypto and FX asset classes. We continue to attract new clients to Switchboard, as firms look to improve their execution, and we expect our strategic partnership with Tradefeedr to accelerate growth for both firms.”

Balraj Bassi, Co-Founder of Tradefeedr, commented: “There is a great deal of synergy between Reactive Markets and Tradefeedr. Both offer best-of-breed specialist services, both are open platforms designed to improve trading for all market participants, and both have zero fees for buy-side clients. As the market continues to move towards an unbundling of services, this partnership simplifies client access to the leading platforms for Crypto and FX trading and analytics.”

Tradefeedr is facing strong adoption by market participants, leading many established firms to integrate the FX data platform. FlexTrade Systems has recently announced that Tradefeedr’s unified data analytics API has become available within FlexTRADER EMS to deliver buy-side trading teams access to real-time, analysis-ready FX data to improve the speed and quality of trading-decision making.

Tradefeedr is backed by some of the hottest figures in the FX industry such as NEX founder Michael Spencer and ex-NEX CEO Seth Johnson (who is now Chairman at Tradefeedr).

The platform enables collaborative analysis of trading performance between liquidity providers and their clients using standardized common metrics.

FlexTrade has integrated Tradefeedr with the goal of providing access to real-time, analysis-ready FX data to improve the speed and quality of trading-decision making for buy-side trading teams using FlexTRADER EMS.

The FX data and pre-built, customizable analytics are directly integrated into the FlexTRADER EMS Order Blotter, enabling users to process vast volumes of real-time, actionable FX trading and market data within existing workflows.