Pillar Launches Version 2 of Its Wallet that Cuts Gas Fees by 99%

Pillar, one of the pioneers of the crypto industry, has launched the version 2 of its multichain wallet that claims to cut down the gas fees by 99% as compared to Ethereum. There has been a huge surge in the demand for crypto-related wallets and other products as the number of investors and traders grows every day due to the increase in interest.

The developers in the crypto industry have been trying hard to keep pace with the interest and have been developing many new products and building new features into them that extend the functionality of crypto more and more.

The new version of the Pillar wallet has several new features including a community experience that decides on the fund management via pillar tokens, roadmap, and other initiatives. The wallet also has cut down the fees by 99% as compared to Ethereum as it connects to many Dapps that are available on Layer 2 networks.It also supports cross-chain as well which means that one wallet, one address, and one dashboard can be used for cryptos across various different chains. The wallet also has streaming news that is inbuilt as a feature in it.

CEO of Pillar, Michael Messele said,”Pillar aims to play a vital role in bringing Defi to a mainstream audience with this release,” adding; “The V2 launch brings together the expertise we’ve gained from building and scaling smart wallet solutions in the decentralized space over the past three years with exceptional UX/UI.”

The wallet also has an updated WalletConnect feature that helps to switch automatically across chains like xDAI, Binance, and Polygon which makes it quite unique.

CCO of Pillar, Aldin Ademović said, “Ethereum remains the industry leader for innovation and liquidity, and Pillar V2 will guide users there, but with more intent and purpose by educating them on the basic characteristics of EVM-compatible chains and the benefits of smart contract wallets.”

The company continues to upgrade its products and builds on its wallet and other products as it ties up with many new partners within the crypto ecosystem to ensure that it can bring in as many new users into the domain which would benefit the company and the crypto world as a whole.