oneZero Financial Systems

Phil Weisberg Appointed as Executive VP of One Zero Financial Systems

Institutional and retail forex liquidity and financial technology solutions provider OneZero financial systems recently revealed in an announcement stating that it has made a new addition to its executive team. As per statement released by the firm, it has hired former Chief Executive Officer and founder of FXall, Mr. Phil Weisberg to serve as its Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning and Partnerships. However, this is not his first rodeo at the firm as he has been serving as a Senior Advisor at the firm since June of 2018. The change made to Mr. Weisberg’s role was made public by the firm via a public announcement earlier today. The firm was most recently in news for conclusion of funding round in which US based private equity firm Lovell Minnick Partners acquired a minority stake in One Zero.

While Mr. Weisberg had been actively engaging with the firm for quite a while now, he began improving his ties with the firm very closely during his involvement with the firm during founding round mentioned above when he agreed to leverage his expertise in institutional space to help improve One Zero’s standing in institutional market space. In his new role as executive VP of strategic planning and partnerships Phil is responsible for improvement of the firm’s ongoing investment, growth, business development and expansion activities by focusing on building the firms strategy and partnerships. Prior to taking up is new role at One Zero Financial Systems, Mr. Weisberg served as an advisor from his own consulting firm Matzliach Capital which he established in 2017. Phil is however well known in the industry as founder of FXall which was acquired by financial data provider Thomson Reuters in 2013.

Commenting on Phil’s appointment at the firm, Andrew Ralich, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of One Zero stated, “We have benefited from Phil’s participation over the last year as a strategic advisor and as an investor. It was a natural fit for us to enlist him on a full-time basis to implement our growth strategy. Phil is a recognized FX industry leader and has been an invaluable partner. We look forward to leveraging his insight, expertise and connections to extend our overall technology solutions in new ways”. Speaking about his new role at the firm, Weisberg commented, “I have been impressed with oneZero’s culture and commitment to quality and am thrilled to be joining one of the most innovative and thoughtful financial technology companies today. Joining oneZero’s leadership team enables me to support the organization’s high growth trajectory more directly. I welcome the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the company’s evolution, expanding its capabilities as an enabler for its clients’ businesses”.