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Opera Integrates Nervos to its Built In Crypto Wallet

Opera, one of the most used browsers with new Web 3 capabilities, has announced that it plans to add support for the Nervos blockchain via its native crypto wallet.

This is expected to be a win-win situation for both as it helps Opera to reach out to the users of Nervos and a whole new crypto community that revolves around the Nervos blockchain while for Nervos and its developers, it gives access to the massive number of users that use the Opera browser.

“Backed by an experienced team and a devoted global community, Nervos is making waves in the blockchain and crypto space, which makes it an ideal partner chain,” said Cuautemoc Weber, VP of Business Development at Opera. “Nervos also shares our vision for mainstream adoption for Web 3 and is exploring the many possibilities that an interoperable blockchain and crypto ecosystem has to offer.”

This is the fourth blockchain to be incorporated into the Opera browser after bitcoin, ethereum, and TRON. Considering the predecessors, it is indeed a huge boost for the Nervos blockchain as it is included in esteemed company. The browser had started integrating crypto in 2018 along with Web 3 support and this has enabled its users to start interacting with the various integrated blockchains and also helped them to make transactions through the browser.

The addition of support for $CKB is expected to help it to further move towards future-oriented applications. Users will now be able to transact with the CKB coin without the need for any third-party software or wallets and this well and truly throws open the blockchain to a large number of users who may not understand how blockchains work.

“The support of Opera, a mainstream browser with hundreds of millions of users, is important not only for the Nervos network but also the success of the future decentralized economy,” said Kevin Wang, co-founder at Nervos. “We look forward to the feedback from Opera users and are excited to introduce them to the Nervos community.”

Nervos is a blockchain that tries to solve the problems plaguing ethereum and bitcoin as it seeks to bring the permissionless immutable nature of bitcoin and integrate that with smart contracts and layer 2 scaling like in ethereum. The company also says that it had built a cross-blockchain bridge between Nervos and Cardano so that their native currencies can be used interchangeably.