OctaFX Launches its iOS Trading App to Promote Ease of Use

OctaFX, a large FX trading platform, has announced that it has launched its iOS App, with a limited set of operations and capabilities for now, in the Apple mobile store in Malaysia. It has chosen to launch only in Malaysia for now with plans to establish in other regions of business by the end of the year.

The iOS app is currently in English but users in Malaysia would be able to download the app, perform balance transfer operations, create accounts, manage investments and also contact customer support. The company has said that it would be launching live trading operations later on and that it understands that this would be the key to the success of the app. The company wants to launch one service after the other in the mobile app to ensure that the flow is smooth and the interface continues to operate in a fast manner and any issues with any new feature release can be addressed quickly and reliably.

The launch of these basic functions would help the dev team to get user feedback, manage user interaction and also attend to any technical issues quickly, the company said. For now, the users would be able to control their investments, add to their balance and also transfer funds between their different accounts with OctaFX. They would also be able to access all the trading accounts and also the funds and would be able to perform deposit and withdrawal operations between the trading accounts and the wallet from within the app itself. The app is also integrated into MT4 and MT5 through OctaFX’s own trading platform and the actual live trading on the various platforms would be available only towards the end of the year.

OctaFX was launched in the year 2011 and since then it has managed to do some strong business over the years. Despite the various ups and downs in the financial markets over the last 10 years and various Black Swan events which led to the liquidation of thousands of traders accounts across several trading platforms and also led to many brokers shutting shop, the broker has been able to sail through all of these challenges over the years and has now released its own mobile app to mark a decade of the existence of the platform.