CQG Extends Its Reach to the Brazilian Market with B3 Tie Up

CQG, a global provider of technology solutions for every class of users in trading including traders, institutions, brokers, and exchanges, has announced that it has connected with the Brazilian exchange B3 which is one of the world’s largest financial markets infrastructure companies.

This is further to the growing interest expressed by traders and investors from around the world who are now viewing Latin America as the next region of global growth and are beginning to bet big on this region. We have been seeing a spate of big investments for fintech companies in this region over the last few months and this has only helped to fuel the growth further. This partnership would allow the users to trade stocks, futures, indices, and market data from the various markets in Latin America.

“The Brazilian capital market is currently going through a period of expansion. This year alone, more than 44 companies were listed on the Brazilian stock exchange, compared to 28 in 2020. The number of retail investors has also grown significantly, from 700,000 in 2018 to more than 3.8 million in 2021. In addition, our mini contracts have been showing outstanding performance in terms of volumes. An example of that is the Mini Ibovespa Index Futures, which reached a year-to-date average daily volume of 17.3 million by the end of June, a 64% growth year-on-year, and now the second most liquid contract in FIA’s Equity Index Futures and Options Contracts ranking. Another example is the Mini US Dollar Spot Futures, which grew 52% in the same period, the third contract in FIA’s FX Futures and Options Contracts ranking,” stated Claudio Jacob, Clients and Business Development Managing Director at B3.

CQG has been updating its feature set as well as its instrument range to continue to stay ahead of the competition in the trading space. At the beginning of the year, it had tied up with PanXchange to gain access to OTC commodity exchange and price discovery, and also at the same time, it gained access to East African OTC commodities which makes it clear that it is looking to expand into regions like Africa in Latin America where it believes that the next push for growth in the trading industry is going to come shortly.