SBI Liquidity Market Expands Partnership with smartTrade

SBI Liquidity, one of the major FX infrastructure and liquidity providers in Japan, has announced the extension of its partnership with smartTrade Technologies which is a leading multi-asset trading solutions provider.

This partnership is mainly for the expansion of SBI Liquidity services to include crypto trading operations as the crypto ecosystem continues to grow and expand, both in the retail and institutional segments. This has made it imperative for many trading platforms to adapt to this new change and all of them have started introducing crypt trading in their respective platforms. For SBI, this means that it has to move its trading facility into smartTrade’s Tokyo data center to ensure the availability of liquidity and streaming reliably and also to help make the job of monitoring and maintenance much easier.

David Vincent, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of smartTrade Technologies, said: “This unprecedented and volatile year demonstrated the need for high-performance trading infrastructure capable of withstanding all circumstances. We’re pleased that what we’ve been able to offer leading companies such as SBI such resilience. Today’s announcement is a vote of confidence that we will continue to work together with our customers to deliver them the infrastructure they need to succeed.”

These 2 companies have been partners since 2013 with each company choosing the other for different features and products as far as liquidity, pricing, infrastructure, and distribution is concerned and this new partnership is just one step ahead in their growth as close partners and this comes at the right time for SBI as it looks to cater to the increasing demand for crypto liquidity.

Itsushi Morimoto, Executive Director, SBI Liquidity Market, said: “SBI has been utilizing smartTrade’s Connectivity, Aggregation, and Distribution system for years to power our foreign exchange business. We are pleased to grow this relationship as we increasingly work to meet our clients growing requirements and desire to trade in a wide variety of digital currencies. smartTrade has been the best kind of partner – one that adapts with the business, supporting our change and growth.”

SBI continues to adapt to changing market conditions as crypto trading has been slowly and steadily beginning to outstrip the trading volumes of many of the traditional instruments and this has been mainly due to the increased media coverage and volatility that has been seen in the crypto markets over the last couple of years.