Natalia Vizir Joins GettWay as Chief Operating Officer

Forex sector industry veteran Natalia Vizir recently made public in her LinkedIn profile stating that she has resigned from her role as Chief Revenue Officer of Leverate and taken up the role of Chief Operating Officer of GettWay starting this month. Natalia remained a part Israeli headquartered software solutions provider for Forex services for nearly five years prior to her resignation earlier this month. Natalia joined the forex software solutions provider back in August 2014 in the role of Account Management Team Leader and has since been promoted twice during her tenure at the firm. Natalia received her first promotion back in May 2016 taking on the role of Head of Success Team and Technical Account Managers and was in charge of managing customer relations teams in Tel Aviv and Shanghai region.

Her success in her role via development abd execution of business goals set for APAC region resulted in the firm seeing an increase in revenue by 35% and played a great role in Vizir getting her second promotion. Natalia became Chief Revenue Officer in October of 2017 and held on to the role for two years until she resigned from the firm. In her role as Chief Revenue Officer, Natalia was responsible for leading the Sales, Customer Success, Marketing and Business Analytics teams in Israel and China as per details mentioned in her LinkedIn profile. As CRO, Ms. Visir oversaw the firm’s growth related activities by setting up quarterly KPI’s which helped the firm in achieving its goals and increasing company’s revenue. Prior to her tenure at Leverate, Vizir served as Team Leader- Manager 7 Assistant at WinPalace Casino for a period of 20 months and was a member of Sales and Support team for Forexyard for a period of 13 months.

Natalia started her career as Chief Editor for Ukrainan publishing house Vakler post graduating with a Master’s degree in German and English Translations from Kyiv International University in 2010. However, she began her career in finance industry when she relocated from Ukraine to Israel to start her tenure at Forexyard. GettWay, the firm in which Ms. Vizir has taken up the role as COO is a consulting firm which is based out of Hong Kong and deals in Companies’ Legal Formation, PSP Introductions and Applications, Bank Accounts Opening and Crypto Assets Liquidity services for both buy and sell sides. It should also be noted that the Isreali forex software solutions provider recently saw several other changes to its top level management role the most notable of which are resignation of EX- CEO Yasha Polyakov who was replaced by former CEO and Co-Founder of the firm Ran Strauss who resumed the role once again and Appointment of Alkis Hilton to the role of Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director of the firm’s Cyprus branch.

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