Mukid Chowdhury is new CEO of Trading 212

Mukid Chowdhury, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, has been appointed as the new CEO of Trading 212.

He was the CFO at TickMill prior to this and brings in a wealth of experience in the capital market and financial services industry and it should be considered as a good catch for the Trading 212 company. This continues the trend of senior executives switching their positions between a small group of firms and it remains to be seen whether this race across various companies to hire senior execs results in better results for them overall.

Mukid started his career at ING in 2004 and has since grown rapidly through the ranks of different companies including JP Morgan, City Index and Matrix Group Limited in 2011. His first role as CEO was at London Capital Group in 2016 and he joined TickMill as group CFO in 2020.

With Mukid moving over to Trading 212, it opens up the CFO position at TickMill and it remains to be seen how they would manage to fill that up. With the industry slowly recovering from the pandemic and with each broker, platform owner, exchange and other financial services firms looking to ramp up their sales, technology and acquisition, it is indeed a good time for senior execs at various companies as they are much in demand.

The companies would be looking to retain their senior execs while reaching out to others in other companies who can bring in the experience and the knowledge to the table that would help the companies to grow their business in a steady manner. We have been seeing recently that the financial services companies have been going through a turbulent period and even the major companies have been reporting results and revenues that are still fluctuating a great deal.

In such situations, it is important for them to bring in people with experience so that they can steady the ship.Just a couple of weeks back, we saw VoxSmart hiring executives from BNP Paribas for senior roles and this has been a common trend in the industry over the last couple of months. The companies would expect them to do a stellar job in pushing up the revenue and sales while ensuring that they are able to ensure that the technology at the company also manages to keep pace.