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Moscow Exchange (MOEX) Reports Steady Trade Volumes for December 2018

exchangeThe total trading volume at Moscow Exchange (MOEX) in December 2018 has increased by 1.5% to RUB 72.5 trillion in December 2018, and for the full year 2018, it came in at RUB 861.1 trillion. During the year, trading volumes on the Equity Market grew by almost 18 per cent, 13.8 per cent in Bond Market, Derivatives Market by 5.6 per cent, FX Market by 10.6 per cent in spot and commodity market witnessed a growth of 19.3 per cent in volumes.

In the month if December 2018, the total trading volumes on the Equity and Bond Market came in at 2,306.9 billion compared to RUB 2,918.6 billion in December 2017.

For the Derivatives Market, total trading volume in December 2018 increased by 36.3 per cent to RUB 8.2 trillion from RUB 6.0 trillion in December 2017.

For the FX Market, turnover decreased to RUB 26.5 trillion from RUB 29.8 trillion in December 2017. The spot trade increased by 12.8 per cent o RUB 6.7 trillion and swap trades and forwards totalling RUB 19.8 trillion during the month.

Money Market, the total turnover during the month is RUB 30.3 trillion, which is 7.6 per cent higher compared to RUB 28.2 trillion in December 2017. And, in the commodity segment, total turnover increased by 62.8 per cent to RUB 15.0 billion.

Japanese FX Broker, Gaitame Records Weak Volumes in December 2018

exchangeGaitame, the Japanese FX broking giant has also released it December 2017 operation metrics, recording a month-on-month fall in transactional volume despite growth in client account numbers.

The transactional volume in the month of December 2018 came in at ¥167.1 billion, which is 1.2 per cent lower compared to the previous month. But, when compared against the December 2017, it has registered a modest increase of around 33 per cent.

The total deposits with the broker totalled ¥116.2 billion, a slight 0.47 per cent increase from  ¥115.6 billion in November. Total client account number came in at 476,747, a slight increase of 0.4 per cent, from the previous month and a 6.4 per cent increase on a yearly basis.

FXCM Releases Execution Data for December 2018 

exchangeRetail FX and CFD broker, FXCM has released its December 2018 execution data, reporting steady volumes during the month. The highlights of all the instruments during the month are:

  • 61.2 per cent of the total trades were executed without any slippage
  • 27.3 per cent of the order executed with positive slippage
  • 11.5 per cent of the order executed with negative slippage
  • And, average execution speed during the month was 17 milliseconds.

During the month, FXCM has teamed up with DGCX Exchangeand APEX Exchange and has added three new CFD products including Commodity CFDs and Index CFD US2000, and closed the month with positive volumes.

Brendan Callan, CEO of FXCM Group commented:

“2018 was another eventful year in the FX and CFD markets, and I’m sure 2019 will be no different. Here at FXCM we launched our HTML 5 web platform, expanded our Algo trading offering and focused a great deal on execution quality and bringing down our spreads to be extremely competitive. In 2019 we are looking to take some big steps forward in improving the overall customer experience as we truly take your feedback and request into account.”