Monex Group Restructures Monex Inc & Hires Two New Senior Level Executives

Monex IncMonex Group, the Tokyo based financial services provider recently revealed via a press release stating that it is making several major changes to its wholly-owned subsidiary Monex Inc., – a retail brokerage service provider. As per the statement released by the firm, it is removing the Customer Services Department from Customer Services Division and placing it under Sales Division and the change is set to come into effect starting 1st November, 2019. Alongside the news of restructuring its Customer support and Sales divisions, the statement revealed that the firm has hired two new executives to serve in leadership capacity which is also set to come into effect starting 1st November, 2019. This move is expected to be part of restricting plans announced by the firm earlier this year when it revealed its plans to establish a new division aimed at offering wealth management promotion and plans for integrating relationship management department into sales planning and public relations department. 

The two new incoming executives who were hired as part of restricting plans, Mr. Yukiko Isobe and Mr. Isamu Tsuchida will serve in roles of General Manager of Customer Services Department and General Manager of Corporate Administration Department respectively. It should be noted that the firm has already made several other changes to leadership team as part of its restricting plans. In the same statement released earlier this year which highlighted the plans for integration of Sales, PR & Customer Services department, the firm revealed that it had hired two executives – Ms. Naoyuki Kainuma and Mr. Yutaka Masushima to serve in role of Executive Director/General Manager of CEO Office and General Manager of Wealth Management Promotion Office respectively. The firm also promoted former General Manager of strategic planning office Mr. Yuya Asamura to serve in role of Executive Director. 

The Tokyo headquartered financial service provider has its footprint spread out across key markets in Asia-Pacific and US markets making the Monex Group, a multinational conglomerate. Some of their popularly known brand labels include – Trade Station in the United States, Monex Inc., in Japan, Monex Boom in Hong Kong and Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck and Monex Securities in US & Australia. Aside from updates on changes made to its leadership team and restricting plans, the firm also made headlines over its announcement on revamping benefits for its shareholders. As per another update released last month, the firm plans to grant its mid-term shareholders for the 2019 fiscal year with additional benefits in form of Bitcoins aside from the usual benefit package. However, the shareholder is only eligible for this benefit if they hold an account in its subsidiary – Coincheck, a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service provider.