Monex Group

Monex Group Appoints Yuya Asamura & Naoyuki Kaninuma As Executive Directors

Yuya Asamura Japan headquartered retail financial services provider Monex Group revealed in an announcement earlier this week stating that it had made several changes to the leadership team of the group and its wholly-owned subsidiary Monex Inc., which handles the group’s retail brokerage business division.

The most notable of these changes according to the announcement is the promotion of one of its executives to the role of Executive Director. As per the update from the firm, it had promoted its current General Manager of the Strategic Planning Office – Mr. Yuya Asamura to the role of Executive Director. However, it should be noted that Mr. Asamura will serve in both roles concurrently and the promotion will come into effect on the 1st of October 2019. Another notable change made to the leadership team is the appointment of new Executive Director Naoyuki Kaninuma to Monex Group. 

While Mr. Asamura has been a part of the group serving in its brokerage subsidiary, the new incoming executive is currently not a part of the firm and will take up her new role at the firm on the same day Mr. Yuya’s promotion comes into effect. The newly appointed Executive Director will join the parent firm’s leadership team and serve in roles of Executive Director and General Manager of the Chief Executive Officer’s office. Alongside the update on new additions and promotions made to the leadership team, the parent firm also revealed that its brokerage subsidiary is set to see several changes to its operational structure. To be precise, the brokerage subsidiary will establish a new wealth management promotion office and will integrate its existing relationship management department with its sales planning and public relation department. Alongside the changes to operational structure comes the last addition to the leadership team. 

As the firm faces the above-mentioned changes, it has appointed Yutaka Masushima to the role of General Manager for the new wealth management promotion office. These updates came alongside a very important announcement from the parent firm which stated that Shareholders of Monex Group will be granted Bitcoins as mid-term shareholder benefit for the 2019 fiscal year. This benefit is expected to be granted in conjunction with the existing benefits offered by the group. Both these benefits are available only for shareholders who hold the company’s shares as of 30th September 2019. While the statement mentioned that all shareholders will receive this benefit regardless of how much shares they hold, it also mentioned that shareholders are eligible for this benefit only if they hold an account in its cryptocurrency business handling subsidiary Coincheck. The benefit will reach the clients in the form of Bitcoin equivalent to 500 Yen aka US$ 4.65 and is yet to determine whether the Bitcoin benefit will continue after the end of the fiscal year.