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Monex Group Restructures Monex Inc & Hires Two New Senior Level Executives

October 28, 2019

Monex Group, the Tokyo based financial services provider recently revealed via a press release stating that it is making several major changes to its wholly owned subsidiary Monex Inc., – a retail brokerage service provider. As per the statement released by the firm, it is removing the Customer Services Department from Customer Services Division and placing it under Sales Division and the change is set to come into effect starting 1st November, 2019.

Monex Group Appoints Yuya Asamura & Naoyuki Kaninuma As Executive Directors

September 25, 2019

Japan headquartered retail financial services provider Monex Group revealed in an announcement earlier this week stating that it had made several changes to the leadership team of the group and its wholly-owned subsidiary Monex Inc., which handles the group’s retail brokerage business division.

Monex Group Releases Financials for FY 2019, Reports 4% Decline in Revenues

April 25, 2019

Japanese retail FX broker, Monex Group, also the owner of Tradestation has released its financial results for the fiscal year 2019. Overall, the firm witnessed a minor variation in the operating revenue and profits. The twelve months revenue ending in March of this year came in at 47.4 billion yen ($420 million), which is 4 per cent lower compared to the revenue figures in the fiscal year 2018, which was 49.2 billion yen ($440 million).

Monex Group to Launch New Discretionary Investment Asset Management Service in Spring 2019

December 12, 2018

Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners, Inc., a subsidiary of Japanese financial giant, Monex Group has today revealed its plan to launch new discretionary investment asset management service. The new service is named “MSV COMPASS” and is based on the concept of “MSV LIFE “, the company’s online self-directed asset management service.