Monex Group Announces Series of Organisational and Personnel Changes and Eurex Clearing Appoints Dmitrij Senko as its Next CRO

monex groupTokyo-based Monex Group has announced a series of changes in organisational and management structure this Thursday. Monex Group operates retail fx brokerages TradeStation, Monex, Boom Hong Kong, and Coincheck.
Effective Feb. 1st, 2019, the firm will do away with its investment business office, and it has not provided any reason, why it is doing so. From removing the investment business office, the firm has also made some series of managerial changes, that includes the addition of Akira Inoue as an Executive Director. Her appointment is made effective from the 22nd Jan 2019. She will also be appointed as General Manager of Financial Control Department from 1st Feb. 2019.
From 1st Feb. 2019, its current CFO and Executive Officer Satoshi Hasuo will also handle the role of General Manager of the Finance Department.
The group has also made personnel changes in its subsidiary, Monex Inc. and has appointed Hiroshi Aikawa as an Executive Director. Aikawa has not held any positions with the firm previously.
The managerial and organisational changes were made just days after Monex Group’s US subsidiary TradeStation announced its plan to launch cryptocurrency services later this year under the brand name, TradeStation Crypto.

Eurex Clearing Secure Dmitrij Senko as its Next Chief Risk Officer

Eurex Clearing, the subsidiary of Deutsche Bourse has announced that Dmitrij Senko will be joining the firm as its next Chief Risk Officer (CRO). Senko will take up the role from July this year and will replace departing CRO, Thomas Laux.
Senko has been working with Eurex Clearing’s risk department for almost a decade. He joined the firm in 2010 and was promoted to Head of Risk Analytics and Model Validation in the risk department in 2013 and reported directly to Thomas Laux. For Senko, the role for CRO will not be that much challenging as he has been working with Laux for quite some time and knows the nature of work.
Erik Müller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eurex Clearing said:
“It’s great news that Dmitrij has agreed to join the board. Risk management is at the core of our business and is of special importance to Eurex Clearing. Dmitrij has been with us for many years, and I am very happy that we will benefit from his expertise and deep knowledge in the years to come.”

On departing CRO Thomas Laux, Eurex Exchange CEO Thomas Book said:

“Thomas Laux is an outstanding risk expert, and I thank him for his work and commitment over the last years,” said Book. “He has played a major role in making Eurex Clearing what it is today. The most prominent example of his achievements is our industry-leading risk engine Prisma.”