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TraderEvolution Global’s core characteristic is its design from the outset as a back end-first, multi-asset, multi-market trading engine.

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What Makes TraderEvolution Global Stand Out:

The TraderEvolution platform consists of a back end solution which ensures full control over the processing and monitoring of all operations related to the organization of trading services by broker. The solution gives a broker full access to operations at the back-end, mid-end, and front-end levels, as the highly advanced and customizable trading engine is deployed onto the brokerage infrastructure rather than hosted by any third party.

As requirements change or firms develop their business in different directions, financial institutions that use TraderEvolution can easily add whichever dynamic front end tools they choose, can connect any trading interface, and can issue white label solutions to other companies creating value for the business and ensuring ownership of intellectual property.

Important reasons why firms should look toward TraderEvolution:

  • Stand out from the crowd/avoid consolidation or customer flight.
  • Understand the difference between the limitations of front end-first platforms and back end-first platforms. 
  • Engage more demanding and experienced traders 
  • Ensure the ability to adapt to ‘trends’ in new asset classes
  • Liquidity agnosticity and ability to connect to any global market
  • Longevity and sustainability in a crowded market of ‘also-rans’ with no USP

Secure The Future of Your Brokerage With TraderEvolution

– No Volume Fees: Fixed monthly software licensing fee ensures limitless growth whilst avoiding conflicts of interest.

– Add any liquidity source or connect to any executing venue in any market globally

– Be able to quickly adapt to new demands or trends in the market without any restriction.

– Be master of your destiny rather than beholden to a third party provider.

– Run YOUR business YOUR way and create commercial value via a brand individuality and self determination of product range.

What Can Be Traded On TraderEvolution Global?

TraderEvolution is a genuine multi-asset, multi-market trading solution which can be directly certified against executing venues in order that listed products including futures, options and cryptocurrency can be traded on specific exchanges according to the execution methodology of each exchange. OTC products including CFDs can be traded in conjunction with listed futures, options, or cryptocurrency on ONE platform, from ONE account.

Futures, Options and Fixed Income Trading on TraderEvolution Global.

The TraderEvolution platform was created to serve the requirements of financial institutions which offer their clients access to exchange-listed products including futures, options and fixed income as a greater focus than CFD products, hence the platform’s highly sophisticated back end suite allows firms to connect any venue or any liquidity provider as needed. The platform has several integrations with brokers, banks, prime brokers, ECNs, and exchanges which are ready to go.

The platform supports simultaneous connections to different venues and can be allocated to different user groups.

Supported order types are Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, and Trailing Stop, and Pending orders can be triggered locally or sent to the external venue.

The system is equipped with the drop copy mechanism, and the satellite route allows for mapping several market data routes to one trade route.

Quotes and Market Data:

The TraderEvolution platform offers a number of gateways to market data vendors. Integrations cover the scenarios of using real-time data 

as well as importing historical data. Inbound market data rules allow configuration of various end-user subscriptions to available markets, those being Level 1, Level 2 quotes, real-time and delayed quotes. 

TraderEvolution is designed to become either the core component or additional component of a brokerage firm’s infrastructure. Therefore it has been equipped with extensive communication capabilities.


  • Broker’s website and investor area
  • CRM system
  • Core banking system, payment gateways
  • Proprietary/third party back-office software
  • Third-party trading platforms (drop copy)
  • External risk engine
  • External matching engine / aggregator / execution 


  • External reporting and data analytics

Items for Brokerages to Consider:

  • The importance of having a fully functional back office
  • Why mobile apps with full functionality are important
  • Access to well recognized charting (TradingView).
  • Ongoing scalability via infrastructure which allows ongoing asset class differentiation
  • Client lifetime value / Marketing costs reduction via third party integrations
  • Importance of API business

TradingView Integration

An example of the importance of being able to integrate third party front end solutions is the TradingView integration which is available to all brokerages that use the TraderEvolution platform. Via this integration, users of the largest social network in the business are able to view and execute trades via brokerages directly from TradingView.

The seamless integration allows traders using the TraderEvolution platform to access TradingView’s robust charting and analysis tools without leaving the familiar and sophisticated TraderEvolution environment and enables traders to capitalize on TradingView’s renowned capabilities for identifying opportunities across global markets.

It also reduces marketing costs by ensuring access to experienced traders who are loyal to TradingView, as well as potentially expanding the lifetime value of traders by connecting TradingView’s audience to the currency markets rather than via increasingly expensive and inaccessible digital advertising.

Building Commercial Value Via White Labels

The TraderEvolution platform allows banks and brokers to build and maintain extensive white label networks spreading across various countries and regions. Using the ultimate flexibility, automation and scalability of the system, a broker or a bank can offer a complete solution, including technology and liquidity, to other banks, brokers, institutional clients, funds and money managers across all asset classes. In doing so, brokers and banks can grow their commercial value by issuing white labels directly from their own company’s business rather than building value for a third party, or being restricted by their provider.


TraderEvolution is the pragmatic choice for brokerages and financial institutions which have reached a certain level of maturity and need to take greater control over the direction of their business and be able to continually adapt and evolve their product range.

By implementing the TraderEvolution platform, brokerages and financial institutions become owners of the entirety of their trading infrastructure and can direct their business the way they want or need to, rather than within the constraints of a third party.

By implementing TraderEvolution, brokers are free from the commercial conflicts involving volume fees, and are able to build a genuinely independent, multi-asset brokerage whilst ensuring the value remains within the business.