Hiroshi Goto Reassigned to Monex Inc., as Head of Operations

As per a statement released by Tokyo based financial services company Monex Group Inc., Hiroshi Goto who has been serving at its Cryptocurrency venture Coincheck as an executive director has been resigned from the firm today. Goto’s resignation from Coincheck is effective since 30th June as per statement released by the firm. Monex group is one of the giants in financial industry given the fact that it is parent company of most popular brands in Asian forex, CFD’s and Cryptocurrency trading markets. Some of its most popular sub-brands aside from Coincheck are Trade Station, Monex and Boom Hong Kong. While Goto has resigned from Coincheck, he hasn’t exactly cut all his ties with parent company Monex group.


Hiroshi Goto has now been appointed as Head of operations and an Executive director for retail brokerage division at Monex. Goto’s resignation from Coincheck follows a series of high level executives at the firm resigning from their roles one after another. Given the fact that the exchange was subjected to one of largest ever cryptocurrency hacks in the world which saw the firm lose digital tokens and assets worth $500 million became the trigger for influencing changes experienced by the firm. Many top level executives at the management resigned and were replaced in attempt to appease clients and improve business operations at the firm. While the exchange terminated most of its operations and activities post hack, it was purchased by Monex Group for nearly $33.5 million USD post which the firm has been slowly re-initiating its business activities.

Most recently, aside from Goto’s resignation, the firm also saw Takeshi Tamaki resign from his role as outside director and was replaced by Nobukazu Tamaki which happened in mid-June. Meanwhile, Monex brokerage has also experienced some major changes in its top level executives and management recently. Late last month, Monex saw Harumi Katsumata who had been serving the retail brokerage as its Executive director resign from his role. Similarly, Shoji Kuwashima who was serving as Managing Director and Senior Advisor of the firm also resigned from his role but agreed to remain in the firm serving as Vice Chairman and Chief Quality Officer of Monex Group. Monex retail brokerage saw Katsuki Mandia take on the role of Managing Director and Vice President while Seji Sakuma and Kiminori Kaneko also took on role of co-Managing Director.

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