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Sydney Stock Exchange Hires Michael Go as CEO to Lead ESG Strategy

Sydney Stock Exchange - Michael GoThe Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) has appointed Michael Go as its new Chief Executive Officer. The industry veteran joined the SSX this year from an international career in finance and will head the firm’s strategy of supporting up-and-coming Australian companies and bring more benefits of competition to the Australian market, in the spirit of ‘co-opetition.’

“Our focus is very much on growth companies – businesses that have a track record and are looking to take the next step but may not be big enough to easily list on a main bourse. By fostering growth in this sector we think we can add new depth and vibrancy to the Australian listed landscape and bring some fresh, positive options to the market”, said CEO Michael Go.

AGEO Resources, the SSX’s first accepted listing application, was a perfect example of the exchange’s new approach, according to Go. “AGEO Resources is a local company that has developed technology here in Australia to supply clean energy,” he said. “Their geothermal system is clever, clean and forward-thinking – exactly the type of company we want to foster and grow so they don’t have to go offshore to find capital.”

Romolo Bertani, Chief Executive Officer at AGEO Resources, said: “As a small company with big ambitions we feel a synergy with SSX, and we are impressed by their ESG goals which are in alignment with ours,” he said. “We are very much looking forward to working towards a listing next year and appreciate the support they have provided us to date in de

Michael Go

veloping our relationships with local and international capital market participants in this early phase.”

Peter Rollason, Chairman at the Sydney Stock Exchange, said: “Michael has brought fantastic energy and renewal to the business. Our pipeline of potential listings has grown to more than 50 from a standing start, and we look forward with excitement to 2020 and beyond.”

Although the Sydney Stock Exchange received its license in 2008, Michael Go said the operator had not fulfilled its license potential in the past but it is the right time for the the new sector-focused approach.

“We know there is plenty of demand in the market for the type of products and services we can offer. We are different because we are focused on listing smaller companies; we have a six-week listing process; and we are the only exchange in this country with a dedicated ESG board. We are also well funded for the long game and committed to building a thriving ecosystem for great Australian businesses. Everyone loves a great turnaround story and in 2020 that story will be the SSX.”