Maoz Tenenbaum Appointed as VP of Sales at Leverate

As per recent announcement made by the firm, Forex software service provider Leverate has hired Maoz Tenenbaum as Vice President of its Sales operations. Speaking about Maoz’s appointment as  Vice President, Ran Strauss, Chief Executive Officer of Leverate commented, “We are thrilled to have him on our team. Maoz brings with him tremendous experience and a highly-driven approach, which is exactly what we need in order to achieve the heights we aim for”. Prior to joining Leverate, Tenenbaum served as Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong based financial services and technology provider Clearsky network for nearly seven months. Maoz is an industry veteran with nearly two decades of experience having served in various financial service firms across Europe and Asia over the course of his career.

Maoz Tenenbaum
Maoz Tenenbaum

Post Graduating from university of Bradford with an MBA in Business Administration, Maoz started his career as a Pre-Post Sales Engineer at Camtek in Japan where he served for a period of 2 years and moved on to serve as Sales Director for Israeli firm Vsoft focusing on Asia-Pacific market. Based out of Israel for most part of his career, he served various firms in capacity of Director of Sales for better part of his career. Aside from role of Sales Director, he also served in capacity of Vice President of Business development for various Israel based financial service provider including some of the big names in the industry such as Toyga and Pango Mobile Parking. During his extensive career, aside from financial service industry, he also served firms dealing with video, photography and mobile technologies.

Maoz also founded his own company which served as a gateway for international companies looking to establish business in Israeli market. Strauss who is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer at Leverate took up the position in March when previous CEO Jacob Yasha Polyakov resigned from the firm citing extreme fatigue as reason. Speaking about his new role as Vice President of Sales at Leverate, Maoz commented, “I’m excited to join Leverate, a company that has such a profound reputation for being a leader in the brokerage industry. With Ran back at the helm, an irresistible opportunity emerged to be a part of this esteemed company. I’m looking forward to sharing my vast experience, connections and knowledge to ensure continuous and optimal sales growth, and I’m 100% confident that our clients will see success”. Moaz took up the role of VP of sales at Leverate in June and has been a part of the firm for more than a month now.

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