Former Leverate CEO Yasha Polyakov Launched FinTech Firm Focusing on Retail Brokers

Jacob Yasha Polyakov Chief Executive Officer of financial technology service provider Leverate has resigned from the firm to start up his own fintech firm which specialises and focuses on providing broker oriented product solutions ranging from business consulting services and comprehensive software solutions such as compliance management tool to Payment solutions. Jacob Yasha’s new fintech firm is named Titan Technologies and speaking about his new firm in his LinkedIn profile, Yasha has stated, “After gaining experience on the FX markets from all aspects (sales, tech, regulation, payments etc), I have decided to open a company that will provide clients the needed solutions in all stages of their development”. Speaking about his new venture Jacob mentioned that he had been thinking about going independent for a while and felt it was a good time to start up his new business venture.

Yasha Polyakov
Yasha Polyakov

He thanked his family and friends for remaining supportive of his decision to launch his own fintech firm – Titan technology citing that their faith in him has helped strengthen his resolve to begin his new venture. Jacob served as Chief Executive officer of Leverate for nearly two years and during his tenure at the firm, he ensure that the fintech service provider saw one if its most profitable years in last five years. During his tenure at the firm he was highly successful and instrumental in the firm’s business expansion activities in Turkey and South-East Asia. Before starting up his own business venture, Jacob took a short break in his career and stepped down from his role as CEO at Leverate citing extreme fatigue as a reason. Prior to joining Leverate back in August 2017, Jacob served as CEO for nearly one and half years at Rynat Trading Ltd.

Jacob resigned from Leverate in early June and after nearly a month of rest is now back in full swing heading his newest venture – leading Titan Technologies into a successful business. Titan Tech is based out of Cyprus and will be competing with major market players for a share in trading industry which has been facing stringent regulatory constraints amid high speed evolution and modernisations recently. Giving a short brief on products and business services at this firm, Jacob stated, “Titan-t will provide clients all needed guidance and functionalities to operate in this ever changing industry. Formations, payments, marketing, technological and regulatory solutions are all part of our comprehensive package. It is a challenging period for the clients in this industry and Titan-t is a company specifically focused on helping clients to overcome these challenges in the best possible way”.

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