Kelly Yount Appointed As Director at Euronext FX

Kelly YountEurope’s largest stock exchange operator and financial services provider Euronext recently revealed that it has now added a new member to its high-level management. The move was first made public via changes made to the newly hired executive’s LinkedIn account. The Paris headquartered financial service provider which operates in all key and major markets across continental Europe and New York now has a new Director for its FX division and the executive will be based out of the firm’s New York Office.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Kelly Yount who has joined Euronext’s FX division will take on the role of Sales Director and started her new role at the firm in month of August. Prior to joining Euronext’s FX division, Kelly served as Director of FX prime brokerage division at Citi Group for a periof of one year and two months. 

Kelly is an industry veteran with nearly 14 years of experience serving in the financial services industry. In her LinkedIn profile, Kelly stated that she is an “Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Strong finance professional, skilled in Sales, Prime Brokerage, Management, Trading Systems, and Trading”. Kelly started her career as a District Manager for Apparel retailer Abercrombie & Fitch and was in charge of their outlets based out of Washington DC & Baltimore regions and served at the firm for two years. She then joined the Nex group plc subsidiary of CME group more commonly known as one of the world’s leading and most diverse market place for derivative assets. 

While at NEX, Kelly served in the role of Director for Non-Bank Strategic Accounts, business unit and was in charge of maintaining the firms’ day to day client relationships, account functions and expansion of top buy-side clients on ECB platform from both local and international markets. Kelly served at NEX group for the most part of her career, having remained a part of the firm for nearly 10 years and 8 months. It should be noted that the FX division which Kelly is currently a part of, was formerly known as Fastmatch – an Electronic Communication Network based forex trading service provider. But it has since been rebranded as Euronext FX to bring it under the parent firm’s identity as a part of the parent firms expansion plans aimed at targeting forex market. 

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