Industry Veteran Anne Maree Reassigned as Citi Group’s Head of Operations for EMEA Region

Anne Maree US-headquartered multinational banking and financial service provider Citi Group revealed that it had reassigned one of its executives to serve as Head of Operations for EMEA region. The announcement revealed that Anne Maree Tassell, who has been a part of Citi group family for nearly 19 years, has now been reassigned from her role as head of operations and technology for New Zealand region to head of EMEA market region.

Anne Maree is an industry veteran with extensive knowledge in various aspects of handling business in the financial services industry owing to her experience in serving top tier financial sector firms for more than three decades now. She is a veteran with a proven track record in the industry given her experience in past firms where she helped firms cut costs through innovative solutions and ensuring compliance maintenance and implementing new products and services which met with both investor and user expectations. 

In her new role as head of operations and technology for EMEA region, Anne will be based out of London office and will report directly to Stuart Riley – head of Institutional Clients Group and Operations & Technology division. As per the statement released by the firm, the responsibilities of her new role include – senior management of operations in Britain, cross-product and geography oversight and delivery and also assessment and delivery of operational resilience.

Tassell is set to start her new role in London office effective on 1st October 2019, but the move is still subject to regulatory approval. Anne has so far managed to develop a successful client relationship in both Asian and Australian markets given her long tenure in the respective region. Her track record from the past could be one of the main reason for her relocation given the turmoil – EU and UK markets are currently going through owing to Brexit uncertainties. The change can be viewed as a strategic move to ensure smooth and hassle-free operations in case of no-deal Brexit outcome. 

During her 19 year-long tenure at the firm, Tassell has been promoted six times and relocated thrice. She started at the firm as Manager of OTC Derivative Operations in the Sydney office back in 2000 and was promoted to the role of Manager of Derivatives in October of 2002. She then became Equity and Prime Finance Operations Manager in July 2006 when she was relocated to Hong Kong. Anne was promoted again to the role of APAC Equity and Prime Finance Operations manager in July 2008 and as Middle Office Head for APAC Equity and Prime Finance Operations in 2013.

Anne was promoted to her current role of Head of Operations and Technology for Australia and New Zealand back in April 2014 during which she was reassigned back to Sydney office. The statement lacked any details on when her tenure at Sydney office comes to an end and who will be replacing her. However, we do know that Adela Radulesco and Ganesh Vijaypurkar will jointly take on Anne’s role in the interim. Aside from Citi Group, Anne has also served in Schroders, State Bank of South Australia and Chase Manhattan bank.