IS Prime

IS Prime Integrates Pelican’s Copy Trading to Drive Volumes and Engagement


The Prime of Prime and Liquidity Provider has integrated Pelican’s proprietary copy-trading technology into its trading platforms in order to offer these tools to clients as part of a solution to help drive volumes and customer engagement.

IS Prime has recently launched a proprietary batch hedging tool, specifically designed to support EA, copy and social trading activity, allowing it to handle flow that many providers have, in the past, had to turn away. The algorithm enables brokers to provide the same fill price to all traders involved in social trading.

Now, combining IS Prime’s Batch Hedger with Pelican’s copy and trading tools, the PoP broker is able to provide clients with market-leading copy and social trading solutions which can play a key role in driving volumes whilst maintaining core spreads.

Raj Sitlani, Managing Partner at IS Prime, said: “We have seen a huge rise in social and copy trading across the industry. Partnering with Pelican allows us to extend our reach and quickly deliver solutions that clients need, helping them grow. Pelican’s technology, combined with its FCA regulation, is a very compelling offering.”

Mike Read, Co-Founder and CEO of FCA-regulated social copy-trading solutions and white label provider Pelican Trading, commented: “Pelican specializes in working with many of the best-known brokerages in the market, enabling them to offer new and innovative products to their clients. Partnering with IS Prime, a leading Liquidity Provider, with execution technology specifically designed for this sort of flow, enables our clients to have a more effective trading experience.”

Barry Flanigan, Head of Electronic Trading Solutions at IS Prime, stated: “Whilst the original order can be small there are, at times, a huge number of ‘copiers’ which can lead to very sizeable volumes, both in terms of numbers of tickets and the $ volume traded hitting the market simultaneously. These orders can, if not handled correctly, cause a significant market impact as well as sizeable losses to Tier 1 Liquidity Providers.

IS Prime is perfectly placed, due to its unique batch hedging technology and customizable liquidity, to ensure that it is both executing orders effectively and protecting LPs, and by extension, spreads. We have seen great interest in Pelican from our clients and a partnership like this is enormously beneficial to IS Prime, Pelican, and our mutual clients.”

IS Prime is part of the ISAM Capital Markets group and offers full-service multi-asset brokerage and execution via it’s cutting edge proprietary technology. As a prime of prime, IS Prime provides aggregated pricing sourced from Tier one institutions, settled through the group’s bank Prime brokers. The company was founded in 2014 and has rapidly grown to become one of the largest and most reputable brokerage firms in its space globally.