INFINOX Deploys Gold-I’s Matrix Net to Strengthen its Liquidity Distribution

Karthik Subramanian

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INFINOX Deploys Gold-I’s Matrix Net to Strengthen its Liquidity Distribution

February 11, 2019

infinoxLondon-headquartered INFINOX has announced that it has deployed Gold-i’s Matrix Net as an additional distribution channel. This has enabled its multi-asset liquidity available to brokers worldwide those who are using Gold-i’s Matrix, MT4 Bridge, and MT5 Gateway products.

The partnership will help both the companies to expand their footprint across the institutional client base while continuing to serve the retail brokerage, mid-sized institutions, and active professional traders. 

Gold-i’s Matrix Net is the most significant product since the inception of the company, and its multi-asset capabilities make it the most unique product offering in the retail space. Further, Matrix Net’s portfolio covers several segments including CFDs and cryptocurrencies, which helps brokers to aggregate in-coming liquidity feeds and also allows them to offer their own liquidity out to clients. 

Commenting on the development, Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-I, said:

“We continue to add value to our clients by offering the very best liquidity in the market at the best prices. We are therefore delighted that INFINOX has chosen to distribute liquidity through Matrix Net.”

Jay Mawji, Managing Director at INFINOX also added:

“INFINOX is excited to be integrated with Gold-i and to be able to offer pricing through Gold-i’s Matrix Net. This is an important relationship that will allow clients to tap into our liquidity offering through market-leading technology. INFINOX’s growth has been built on key relationships, and Matrix Net gives us the tools to develop and build further relationships.” 

FXCM’s Institutional Arm, FXCM Pro Joins LiquidityFinder

FXCM proFXCM’s institutional brand, FXCM Pro has joined  information and matching service for business looking for liquidity. This will allow FXCM’s services to be viewed alongside other liquidity providers allowing businesses to be more informed while selecting liquidity partners.

Mario Sanchez-Wandemberg, Managing Director, FXCM Group, commented:

“FXCM Pro caters to a client base seeking execution, liquidity, and clearing solutions. By including our services on a website like Liquidity Finder it allows customers who may not know FXCM or know that we offer certain products and services to easily find us.”

Sam Low, Founder of LiquidityFinder said:

“FXCM has a compelling liquidity offering with FXCM Prime and FXCM Omnibus. It is of great benefit to the marketplace that they have joined LiquidityFinder to make information about their liquidity solutions more widespread and accessible.”

Last month, FXCM Pro has also started offering its client access to its FX, CFD and cryptocurrency liquidity through Gold-i’s Matrix Net.

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