IIF Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Bretton Woods Conference


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IIF Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Bretton Woods Conference

July 5, 2019

IIF LogoWashington D.C., July 1, 2019 – The Institute of International Finance (IIF) issued the following statement today to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference and the release of the Bretton Woods@75 Compendium: Revitalizing the Spirit of Bretton Woods: 50 Perspectives on the Future of the Global Economic System:

“This 75th anniversary is an opportunity to pause and celebrate the historic progress spurred by the rules-based economic system and spirit of international economic cooperation championed by the Bretton Woods Committee,” said IIF President and CEO, Tim Adams. “On the whole we are more educated, freer, healthier and richer than ever before. I urge you to not overlook that the greatest improvement of living standards in human history has happened in our lifetimes, much of it due to the post-war architecture and Bretton Woods’ support for economic liberalism, capitalism, international trade and investment, and human freedom.”

The Bretton Woods@75 Compendium is a collection of 50 timely essays written by leaders from the Bretton Woods Committee’s network, including Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss Re Ltd., and IIF Board of Directors Vice Chairman Walter B. Kielholz; Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBS Group AG, and IIF Board of Directors Chairman Axel A. Weber; and numerous other luminaries.

You can read the full publication on the Bretton Woods Committee’s website here: https://www.brettonwoods.org/BW75/compendium-release

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