How CMC Connect Onboarded a Large Client and Scaled up Smoothly

CMC Markets Connect, a leading provider of liquidity and other broker solutions recently onboard a very large CFD API client and has since published how smooth the on-boarding was and how the client was able to scale up the operations.

CMC connect was able to meet all the demands of the client and this made it a very smooth overall experience for the client. The client was a very large, well-established client who has been in business since 1998 and regulated by CySec and other jurisdictions.

The key thing was that this client had over 2.9 million users making it a very big challenge to give a very smooth experience for everyone with no hiccups or else the cost involved would have been very huge.

The client had approached CMC Connect in 2018 for liquidity solutions. Though the liquidity that they had at that point served its purpose well, the reason for the change was that many of the new assets that were demanded by the users wasnt available in the existing arrangement.and the broker wanted its users to trade at market prices than what was provided by the liquidity provider.

CMC Markets Connect are known for their scaling options and prowess and the 1000s of assets at their disposal provided the broker with a huge range of choices to choose from. The broker client was happy to choose from these which included coverage in sectors like energy commodities as well as indices both in cash and futures basis.

The commercial terms were also made flexible as CMC Markets Connect did not demand huge volume right at the start, as some liquidity providers do, but were happy to start with a small flow and let it grow as time went on. This, along with the smooth scaling up that was possible with CMC, has helped the broker to grow its client base over the last three years and this has benefited both the broker client as well as CMC.

The flexibility and the scaling options provided by CMC Markets has helped its clients to smoothly take liquidity from them and CMC continues to look to increase its range of assets and instruments so that its clients and its users can be provided with a variety of options whenever a specific market is down or under correction.